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    • I think the most challenging aspect of using drones in general public understanding is that drones are tools for spying, or nefarious uses of drones. And while drones can be used for things like that, the majority of people are just trying to enjoy themselves with a hobby, shooting beautiful images. Anybody who’s had any issues with drones, as soon as they start using them themselves, those melt away. Drones aren’t great tools for spying. They are really fun, and there are many amazing aspects of them that are overlooked. It’s a tech tool, and therefore when you learn to use it, you’re enriching yourself. It’s a creative tool. It’s a tool you can use to make money. We can never quell people’s fears, because people who are fearful will always find a way to feed that beast in themselves, and because drones are so new, they will be on that list, but people have already started to forget about that sentiment.