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    • West Virginia is doing the same . When I was a kid we'd camp for two weeks every spring in the Monongahela National Forest so I have a nostalgia for the area and go back on the motorcycle every year, the last time being two weeks ago. They've become very welcoming of motorcycles and the roads rival anything in more popular areas like Deals Gap. It's an especially nice area for taking my wife along because with the extensive park system there is a lot to do off the bike. For example, take a ride on a coal fired train, hike to the top of Seneca Rocks or ride the bicycle trails around Elkins.

      They've also developed hundreds of miles of off-road trails with the Hatfield McCoy system and others. The towns are very friendly to dirt bikes and ATVs.

    • Beware riders...READ THE FINE PRINT

      The "Mayor" of Beatty, Nevada has tried to do the same thing.

      The thing is if you read the actual article I would call BS on 80% of it. Beatty has a rich history but it is hot, hot and hot, arrid, very little shade coverage, and really nothing of interest as a destination. Most people stop in Beatty for gas and a meal and move on. Unless they spend about $10mill on palm trees, shade and fifty jacuzzi's, this will never happen. hahahahah

      A famous brothel I shot driving through...

    • Beatty is hot, hot, hot except when it is cold and maybe wet. The ride to Beatty over Daylight Pass is often a welcome cool down from Death Valley in the spring. Also: gas is cheaper in Beatty. I'm not foolish enough to visit either DV or Beatty in the summer.