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    • Photographers,

      I'm looking for some advice on publically sharing photos - both in general and on Cake - so I can figure out how to best do it. I don't currently sell my photos, but might one day like to and would like to protect myself against theft.

      Do you watermark or is that a waste of time? I've noticed that some people do it, but many others (including people who appear to be professionals) do not. I know watermaks can be stripped by software - does that make them not worth the effort?

      Cake strips metadata from uploaded photos - is that a good or bad thing? Is it better to host your photos elsewhere and embed them? Where do you host?

      What kind of processing do you apply (apart from processing the image itself, of course)? Do you add or strip any particular metadata, reduce the size of your images, or apply any other changes to images you want to share online?

      Any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

    • I use smaller photos though that's getting to a decent size now at 1800 pixels, I've gone up over the years from 650-950-1200-1800. As for watermarks I leave a small one which is my signature/website in the corner and I made it white with a black outline so it'll always show up to one extent or another. Though I do make it semi transparent because the goal at least for me is to have something there but to have it not interfere with the image.

    • Very interesting ! i don't like that they do this exactly like FB remove any meta data and reduce the size and quality. So this make our images very easy prey.

      About watermarks - i really worry about my works, but i don't like this idea to put some typography on. never used and never will add. BTW - to sell images is nice idea but very difficult these days when everybody are also photographers. Good luck !

    • Licences, watermarks and metadata are only as good as the spirit in which they are entered into and we all know that the interweb is a very ethical place hey :-)
      If you don't want it stolen/borrowed - don't put it online.

      But then I figure it's better to share than have them just sit on a hard drive - anyway.