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    • I'm loving the Cake format! Made me think of a recent report from Business Intelligence. The thesis is that the stories format (similar to what we're seeing here on Cake) is likely the future of the social media industry.

      Key messages from the report are below,,,

      •Stories are on track to become the main format for social media consumption, providing brands with a massive and vital opportunity to reach consumers. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims the format will supplant News Feed use as soon as mid-2019, a much quicker pace than the social network anticipated.
      •The vast majority of Stories usage happens on Facebook-owned properties, followed by Snapchat. Combined, Stories features on Facebook-owned platforms command a whopping 1.5 billion daily active users (DAU), though some may be double-counted. Snapchat's audience is significantly smaller, though still sizable at 190 million DAU as of Q1 2019.
      •The viral acceptance of Stories, their accelerating usage, and their highly engaging nature make it imperative for brands to use the format to reach consumers. Brands can particularly leverage the opportunity presented by Stories to reach younger demographics in a native format.
      •Brands looking to implement Stories campaigns to reach younger consumers should consider their target audience segments when choosing a platform to prioritize.
      oMillennials prefer Instagram for consuming Stories. Millennial users are more likely to watch Stories on Instagram (60%) than Snapchat (53%) and Facebook (48%), according to VidMob.
      oGen Z — comprised mainly of teens — favors Snapchat for watching Stories. Teens are heavy viewers of Stories, and 73% of Snapchat's Gen Z audience consume content via Stories, compared with 70% of Instagram's and 34% of Facebook's, per VidMob.
      •But brands also face some challenges in adapting content to the ephemeral nature of the Stories format. They need to post content in the format consistently. And social platforms need to offer brands more tools to measure and verify the engagement that results from Stories content.

    • Can you elaborate on what exactly is considered a "story" on social media? From my understanding, a "story" on some networks is merely a short video.

      And welcome to Cake!

    • Thank you, catch, and welcome to Cake. 🎂 Fascinating!

      I think you're right about the stories on Snap, Facebook, and Instagram and their ephemeral nature. It makes for great daily updates from the people really close to you, or celebs you want to follow.

      I've begun to think of Cake as more akin to storytelling on YouTube, except via text + photos. Telling stories on YouTube usually requires a lot of effort, but they are evergreen — good YouTube stories turn up in Google searches for years.

      Here's an example: our children's swim teacher was a former Olympian, featured on the cover of Life magazine as one of America's best and brightest. Who knew? She told her story on Cake and now searches for her turn up her story on the first page of Google search results:

      We think Cake panels with audience Q&A are a unique format, at least until Zuck tries to copy them. 😳 It's just a different kind of storytelling that I believe the world needs very badly right now. I can imagine brands telling their stories this way as an important part of their strategy. We hope!

    • The story-telling format on Cake of commentary with photos and rich link embeds (show preview of the link) is definitely unlocking all kinds of possibilities. When this format is weaved in a Panel conversation, where only panelists can post but everyone else can see, react and even ask question, it takes it to a whole new level.

      Anyone can get a group of people to publicly debate a hot topic, who would otherwise be silenced by trolls.

      Celebrities and experts now have a stage for a great back and forth without fans interrupting the conversation.

      Brands can showcase their new products and have their customers ask thoughtful questions where they wouldn’t engage on their own site.

      There are so many other creative usecases that Panel Q&As can solve that we haven’t even explored yet.

      What are some of the examples of Panel Q&As do you think people would enjoy?

    • I think there is a huge opportunity for scientists and experts in various fields to tell their stories on Cake. Could be in regular conversational posts or panels of more than one person. To be able to gather scientists and experts from anywhere to share their expertise without trolls is a great opportunity for people to increase their knowledge. And the fact that the panel participants can answer when they want from is a big plus.

      A huge benefit of Cake is that topics of all kinds can be discussed, topics I would not have thought about searching for myself but find fascinating.

    • JazliAziz - absolutely the right question. Huge grey area. Most are trending towards video. Technology is making it much easier. I see Cake as a medium for tailored topics, likely tightened with moderator oversight (?) to ensure the threads stay relatively on topic and appropriate.

      FlyerTalk is somewhat similar, but mainly focused on banter and sharing of information. Cake feels much richer in terms of content quality.

      Hope this helps clarify a bit.

    • I didn't find a way to communicate with the developers so Im gonna post it here. Id like to see an automatic watermark for images. I just don't like how unfair is the Internet with no crediting images. And even if you delete it, its already pinned on someone's pinterest with no source or cached on google images.

    • Cute dog pic, btw. They definitely have a resemblance to Sonic.

      Aside from being visually distracting and unattractive to readers, the problem with photo watermarks is that they can be removed with software.

      Jain Lemos @Jain from PHOTO TEN FIVE recently published an article on Cake on how photographers can maximize revenues by focusing less on the product and more on the experience. 👇

    • I agree, but don't you think that the majority of non authorized image uses are from people who wouldnt care about removing the watermark? They just share, pin, or repost. That's it. An yes, they are unpleasant if they are giant, as I used on my dog. But he is still cute hahaha.