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    • The Seahawks are a fun team these days! Ive been rooting for the Raiders in recent years while I lived in Oakland, but since they announced their move to Las Vegas, I've disowned them 😑

      Having just moved back to Chicago I'm going to have to root for the Bears again. Could be a couple years before they're any good though 🤦‍♂️

    • Better watch out. Becs05 was social media manager for the Raiders for 5 years. We used to have 6 49ers living in our neighborhood in the glory days, plus the coach. They'd come here after games and eat our house down. That was when I was such a super fan it consumed me.

    • Yeah it'll be interesting to see how the city embraces the team long term. My brother lives in Vegas and is pretty pumped about it. Do you live there? What's the buzz around it?

    • I think the city as a whole is excited about it, groundbreaking for the stadium was this week.

      I like the idea of professional sports in Vegas, it’ll be a good thing if they stay. I really want baseball 😁

      I’ve lived in Las Vegas since 1998.

    • That was a really fun game! Poor Blair Walsh. I lost my fantasy matchup by 0.6 points because Jimmy Graham caught a 2-point conversion 😣

    • Oh man! 🙄

      So we cut the traditional cable TV cord several years ago and stream all our content via AppleTV.

      With the NFL app you have the option to watch a condensed version later, snap to whistle no commercials game takes 40 minutes to watch the whole game. We try to have a media blackout so as to not know the outcome.

      I watched last nights game this morning and it had me on the edge of my seat 😳.

    • So since my job has involved making the NFL stadiums' audio systems work, I am rooting for who ever is building the next stadium. ;) Although I guess I don't have to worry about that any more. Also whoever is playing the Cowboys.

      I will say going to the Frozen Tundra was pretty cool. I guess after 17 years I am going to have to figure out how one goes to a game. Is it true they charge money to get in?

      However really a Hockey fan.

    • One of the most intense experiences I've ever had. As of half time Lady Gaga was the best part of the game...I wasn't feeling so great about the decision at that point.

      I had a friend at the game, he used to play a bit and was there via a friend playing for ATL.. he confidently invited us to the Falcon's after party while we were having a beer at half time, the only rule was we had to throw out our Patriots hats and put on Falcons gear.

      I still have my patriots hat.

    • You live in Vegas though... so does that mean you'll learn to like the Raiders, too? (adding in that I just caught up on the conversation, and this question has been asked and answered already... my bad!) I will say, that at least you may have the opportunity to watch the Seahawks play down the street AGAINST the Raiders. These days, I find it's easier to root for specific players and coaches wherever they are than actual teams.

    • Luckily for all you 49ers fans, my level of loyalty for the Silver and Black has decreased every single day since I left. I'm an equal opportunity fan.

    • I don’t know if I’ll call myself a fan, I do hope they do well here as it’ll be good for the city. Really wish it was an expansion team though.

      I do have a jersey from when Marshawn Lynch was a Seahawk does that count?

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