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    • Wow, I've been in and around Lake Mead and Hoover Dam a lot but never knew all the downstream stuff existed, like Willow Beach Marina. Nice pics and video. When visiting Vegas, can you rent a Jetski for a day and explore those places? It sounds like a blast.

    • Yes, you can rent from any of the marinas....they are mostly older sleds....I have never rented from this guy but I have talked to him several times on the phone....seems like a great guy....

      DUDE! If you ever came to town solo or with a crew....I spoke with this guy....I can show up with single trailer, put my sled on a double trailer and an extra rental ski. That could potentially allow up to 6 people out on the water. A total of four would be best. Be a total kick to give you the tour!

    • Well, my self-fulfilling prophecy is already bearing fruit...before I drop the golden eggs...I met some really cool people doing some really fun things on the lake today.

      Even though I am respectful of people's boundaries, sometimes my enthusiasm to get a shot supercedes maybe the normal level of personal space.

      So, as I am out shooting people having fun today, I see these two african-american women and I am really excited! It bums me out that there is not more diversity and especially amongst the african-american community to be involved in watersports.

      In fact, when I was when I was registering my ski trailer at the DMV, I got stuck in the 3-hour hell with this really cute 30-something gal who shared she had a twin sister. I regret I did not try and get her on the ski....but, I found out she did not even know how to swim.

      Anyway, I guess this lady and her daughter are partnered up with some famous XXXXXXL black MMA fighter based here in Vegas. I guess they have a huge yacht parked in the harbor and they spend alot of time here...

      So, I say with enthusiasm..."hey...yay, some african-american ladies on the lake today!!" It seems my expression was perfectly toned and they were totally up for a photo.

    • I had some 3" x 3" cards printed out so as I can introduce myself and intentions...I give that out. This was the first guy I shot when I was heading out...and, older ski but I love the colors and slight bokeh.

    • So, I had already got my 50+ miles in for the day was heading back to the harbor....I saw this young man on a stand-up ski ~~ A much more athletic endeavor. I strike up a quick convo with him and he is up for some shots.

    • He says....hey, you gotta meet Donnie...he races pro....then, all of a sudden this decked out dude comes rippin' over. Such a cool dude but I love the entire geddup....AND, I am sure he has been in plenty of magazines and he is up for some shots and know exactly what I am looking for. I guess he has a reputation for riding really close to the shoreline but I know he knows his rocks and other might not be impressed, but, I am stoked with this shot...

    • This light was getting perfect to do something over on the other side of the lake sort of by the Hoover Dam which is called Pittman wash....the red rocks and varied colors are not your typical lake backdrop.

    • I guess Donnie rides with a pretty good sized Vegas crew that does some great stuff so I have found my connx for some great summertime shooting....the STOKED CUP is full!