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    • My guy. Rescued off the streets of Taiwan in summer 2012. Moved in with me in May 2013. Splits his time between Utah and Maine. Spoiled rotten. Willful and headstrong....more like a cat in a dog suit.

    • ❤️ He's beautiful. I wonder if he knows how lucky he is. How do you bring dogs from other countries to the USA? We visited Mexico and fell in love with a poor stray dog we wanted to put in our suitcases.

    • There are lots of rescues in Taiwan that take the dogs off the street and spay/neuter them and if they are young enough, or social enough, will try to adopt them out. They adopt them out of country much of the time, as the street dogs are typically not as attractive to in country adopters as fancier breeds. When I adopted him, Taiwan was rabies free, so that made things easier as far as quarantines etc. There are rescues on the west coast that receive the Taiwan dogs and foster them until they are adopted.

      I think typically if you get a dog/cat checked out by a vet and vacinations documented, you can travel with them and bring them home...YMMV, of course, because different states have different regulations (Hawai'i being very strict about all animals inbound, for example).