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    • They did a similar thing to the food truck in a kebab shop last year or the year before.

      At the time I spent far too long trying to find info about what was in it but could only find references to their alt-fat, alt-blood, etc. It seems like they really don't want to share that info if they can avoid it. :-)

    • No idea what's in it, and wouldn't eat it unless I had some comfort with the ingredients.

      I wonder what dishes they served? Shawarma would be an pretty ideal pick for 3D printed protein as it has a bit of a "processed" texture to it anyway.

    • Sounds like a ridiculous scheme, to me. If one wants off the meat, they shouldn't be looking for fake meat, and rather just get on with veganism.

    • But many people actually don't "want off the meat". They understand that eating meat comes at a cost - whether that's climate, animal welfare or simply their own health - but they still like the taste of a medium-rare steak every once in a while.

      Just telling those people "Tough luck, partner. You eat black beans now!" won't solve anything.

    • So . . . while you may not be able "to have your Cake and eat it too"; if you redefine it, you can "have your Meat and be Vegan too!"

    • I faced a similar conundrum when I had to quit smoking after a lifetime of enjoyment and dependency on it. What worked for me, wasn't denial and substitution of the addiction with simulated tobacco products (though we all know a great market was formed selling alternatives), but simple and complete cease to use cigarettes. I still keep a pack to remind me that I am able to exercise my will over my own addiction.

      To your point, it is the actual understanding of the reason which drives the decision. But it is also up to the person to wean themselves off the so called addicting attributes of the aliment, and not replace one addiction with another..

    • Eating meat is not an addiction. Nor is everyone afflicted with an addiction able to stop on their own.

      It's great that you were able to overcome your addiction.

    • This reminds me of the replicator in Star Trek. :). At this point I find it a bit disturbing that there is no ingredient list so I would pass. On the positive side if it helps meat eaters make the transition why not...

    • It took many tries and it wasn't pleasant at all, as there were days after days I wasn't really myslef, to say the least. I appreciate your comment.

      Meat eating is arguably not an addiction, it's more than that, a human's natural way of feeding. Meat is first and foremost nourishing. And quite naturally a part of homo sapines diet, for millennia. If one can't get the nutrition, what's the purpose of fake meat? That some now try to refuse their natural body functions and ways of feeding, just so that they may live another few extra years (if lucky), and do away with that many cows on the pasture could be one day considered evolutionary. If we didn't put the cows there they would not even exist, so think of that for a bit. A lot of things man did to this planet would not have existed if we did not exist. Some activist politician might one day wake up deciding Earth is better viewed from space in pink, rather than it's current appearance. And a new wave of 'change' will be created. In my opinion humans are the most arbitrary, inconsistent and unpredictable creatures that ever roamed this earth.

    • I mean, one other thought in all of this is if the goal is to stop eating meat or use this as a gateway to a meatless life, why not just gradually phase out meat? That seems to be the better way to go, no?

      Eating meat is more of a habit than it is an addition. It's not like smoking where there are intense cravings for the stuff. I eat meat, but I don't see something like redefine meat helping me if I chose to stop eating meat. If I decide I want to eat less meat, I'll simply eat less meat. Anyone else feel me on this?

    • Again, because in many cases the goal is not to arbitrarily not eat anything that tastes like a flame-grilled steak - but to do it in a way that is "better", whatever that even means in any specific context.

      I think the key to understanding this is that people want to eat less meat for specific reasons - and unless that reason is that they don't like the taste in the first place, it might make sense to give them something that tastes similar.

      As a thought experiment, try replacing the word "meat" in your arguments with "beer", "chips" or anything else that people enjoy although it can have detrimental effects. For example:

      I drink beer, but I don't see something like alcohol free beer helping me if I chose to stop drinking beer. If I decide I want to drink less beer, I'll simply drink less beer.

      If someone drinks beer not to get drunk, but because they like the taste and because it is refreshing after a hot day, then alcohol free beer might be a perfect alternative because "stopping to drink beer" is not a goal in itself for these people.

    • Moderation is the key if you want the taste of a steak from time to time, eat it, why substitute for a lab made product that is highly processed and probably as environmentally unfriendly as beef itself, if not worse.

    • What if someone, for religious reasons, chooses to eat no meat on Friday, say. Would eating a Redifine steak on Friday be a way for them to avoid sinning with no sacrifice? Or would avoiding sacrifice be a greater sin than eating a steak would have been? And by the way, why do we still not know what ingredients Redefine uses anyway?

    • I agree with your view. Shifting a problem to another is somewhat hypocritical justification, in my opinion. Unless it's all fully and openly documented and proven to be 'better' - whatever the common consensus of that term is. But I believe it has underlying reasons which aren't at all health related. Not to mention the shift of supply and demand and controls and profits associated with it, which in my opinion thus far is the only thing this meat-less meat production is about. And just like that, once they will control the market, and old supply chain starts to dry out, things will be suddenly less healthy that the ones they replaced.