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    • Neat. Personally I like to keep things flexible for as long as possible, then firm up my schedule like the night before. Sometimes I fall out of this habit (normally around Christmas) and I always end up feeling a bit scatterbrained after a while.

    • People see me as a go-with-the-flow type. My personality is flexible and easy going, however, I've learned that I lose almost all productivity with a "Go With the Flow" approach. On work days, the night before, I try to group similar things into two or three large blocks of time. This gives me the chance to be hyperfocused for hours at time, but lets me avoid the stress of sticking to a rigid hour-by-hour schedule.

    • This is similar to my approach. It's kind of a mix of both.

      I get anxiety when I'm not productive, and I'm not productive when I don't plan out my day, so I always force myself to plan the night before.

    • For those of you from ADV, y'all have probably heard me dote on my Dad (RIP), ad nauseum. But, he was an amazing individual, with a very nuanced understanding of the human condition. He was a Soldier, Executive, and (later in life) a Rancher and Businessman.

      I don't know if this is the same thing. However, he was a firm believer in the concept of "Circadian Rhythm", and the advantages to "the Team". Beyond being able to predict and encourage your "life's path", he firmly believed in manipulating a 24-hour schedule to derive the most from a person.

      Instead of working against your natural "clock", he encouraged a schedule that gained the most from a person and his or her day. He truly believed that everyone rests at a certain time, and was most productive at another.

      In a former life, I was a Supervisor (Detective Corporal) assigned to the Major Crimes Unit of a Criminal Investigation Division. And, I always tried to apply my Dad's thinking to my Subordinates. And, I found that it produced great results.

      As an example, I had a female Detective who was the literal interpretation of the "old woman in the shoe". She had four children, and a schedule to fit. She would approach me with _____ (fill in the blank...Doctor's appointments, Little League, FFA, etc.), and feel guilty about any request she made. And, I would tell her, "Rebecca, the City pays you for 40 hours of work a week. I couldn't give two sh!ts about when you give them that time, as long as your work reflects that, and your case load doesn't suffer." And, I was always rewarded with a grateful and productive Employee. In other words, my fluidity (and ability to let go) gained an Employee who came loaded for bear.

    • Oh by the way guys, I made a mistake in the cons of "going with the flow". The arrows are reversed, haha. I corrected them in the original blog post but can't fix it here sadly.

    • Prakhar, there should be a little downward-pointing carat in the upper right of your post that would allow you to edit. We may have made it too subtle to notice. Or is it not there or not working? (Edit: typo)

    • That's so true for me. It seems like I wake up ready to charge through the day and go great guns until...about 1:30 or 2:00, and then I can't seem to focus on hard things. I have to do something light and fun. It comes back in the evening and I can stay up late working and be almost as good as in the mornings.

      I read a great book about that lately and stopped cursing myself about it and feeling like I was unusual.