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    • Ezra Klein from Vox did a fascinating podcast with Saul Griffith whose mantras are:

      1. The world is not going to embrace the environment in a big way if it means giving up the things we love.

      2. We have everything we need to hit the carbon targets to limit warming to non-crisis levels.

      3. What we don’t have is time. No more dithering.

      For those who prefer reading:

      My take: fascinating, credible, hopeful for carbon & global warming. Still bad for waste & pollution. Also: politics makes moving fast not possible. Your take?

    • Your take?

      It's a good read, and I mostly agree with his reasoning. What is missing for me - what exactly will be "solved" for climate change? He speaks a lot about a solution, but what exactly the solution is? I'm hardly a climate scientist or a planetologist, but I kind of suspect planetary processes are inertial as hell. And so speaking of "solving" climate change sounds somewhat slippery.

    • as an interesting bit of trivia on the deliberately stunted development of progressive nuclear technology, I invite you to read the Wikipedia article on the IFR (this is specifically USA-related, German "greens" scarecrow tactics and their consequent divorce with nuclear is something else)

    • What we don’t have is time. No more dithering

      I think it’s typical “It’s okay, you can have everything you want without making sacrifices” pandering. We need energy efficient commercial buildings as a standard. We need energy efficient light bulbs back as a standard. We need to reduce the number of meals containing beef that are consumed each week. We need more solar and wind farms. We need more electric vehicles. We need a world where SUV sales haven’t INCREASED significantly over the last five years. We need subsidies over recycling so that we recycle ALL types of plastic like they do in Japan instead of municipalities like @lidja ’s that are reducing the amount of recycling they process because it’s more expensive for the current generation, as opposed to the future generations who will inherit this planet. We need to save what’s left of the coral in the oceans and find ways to rebuild it so that @ILoveAnimals ’s grandchildren can appreciate it. We need to take actions to prevent the Australian wild fires from becoming the norm on every continent. We need to stop coal mines from deliberating allowing run off into the water. We need the Koch Brothers, and the Exxon board, to be put in jail for crimes against humanity.

      But sure, everything is fine and we don’t have to make any sacrifices.