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    • Bids flow in from around the world.

      The bids go up and up.

      Lorik the vulture meets with Grantchester in a parking garage. Lorik says he feels Grantchester could be the one who turns the Checquy around - and Grantchester says they COULD put the past behind us, if he can follow their treaty. Grantchester asks for his help in stopping the review - and Lorik agrees, in exchange for the right incentive - letting go of a prisoner in the Checquy custody.

      Linda Farrier is set free.

      Monica stops by the new Glengrove, looking for Nazim. She’s directed to the soccer pitch, where Nazim is playing a game.

      He reassures Monica that he’s good, and that it’s nice there. He thanks her for getting him here, and tells her that she is his role model.

      She tells him that she shouldn’t be his role model, that she only helped him because she was looking for Marcus, and the answers she found only left her unhappy. She asks him for a favor.

      Farrier is in her car on her way to her home estate - and the car drives over a row of spikes, her driver is shot, and she’s confronted by an armed stranger.

      Grantchester asks if Gestalt has had any luck finding Myfanwy: they say not yet, but continue to look.

      Myfanwy is reassured by Sophie that her auction could have been so much worse.

      She sees Farrier being restrained by Vulture goons in another room, being drugged. Lorik walks in, and Myfanwy asks if this was his plan all along - he said yes, and she strayed outside the lines. The Chinese paid 75 million for her - and Lorik says “Whatever they want to do with you, it’s far more exciting than life as a bureaucrat.”

      Myfanwy is transposed to an armed car. She can hear the coughs of another prisoner - a girl, Gemma. Myfanwy begins to kick the back of the truck to get the guards’ attention to stop the car.

      As they come back to check their precious cargo - and one guard kills the other, setting Myfanwy free, and saying he’s with The Resistance.

      Myfanwy tells him to take the girl, and she’ll stay behind. She wakes the dead guard’s phone, calls Ingrid, and says she needs to speak to Gestalt immediately. She tells them she was at Victor Danilov’s house, they have Linda Farrier, and they’re about to put her up for auction.

      As Linda is put up for auction as a Level 6 EVA, Myfanwy begins to sneak back up to the house.

      Grantchester asks Jennifer to sanction the Checquy going into the home of the Russian Diplomat being used as a Vulture stronghold. She says she can’t really help him. They are at an impasse.

      Gestalt start a scene outside of the Russian Diplomat / EVA auction house, then overcome the guards to sneak inside.

      Hacking the security system, they begin to take down the security one by one.

      Victor walks by, saying the Checquy’s foundations are about to crack - and Myfanwy takes shelter in a hidden closet, before being found by Gestalt.

      She makes them promise to find Farrier, and come back for her.

      Gestalt finds Farrier, kills Peter van Syoc, and heads back to find Myfanwy, only to not see her anywhere.

      Lorik orders guards to find her, and then she confronts him.

      “All I wanted was to get as far away from the Checquy as possible, but you’ve showed me the one thing they couldn’t. Linda was right. The Checquy is here for a reason.”

      Myfanwy begins to use her powers to take over Lorik’s body, killing him slowly.

      We then cut to Nazim telling Monica that he’s working on strengthening his powers.

      Monica asks him to please fix her memories to get rid of Marcus - that she has to take that chance.

      Nazim says the more active the memories are that Monica brings to the top of her mind, the more precise his abilities will be.

      Nazim frees Monica from her memories of Marcus - and she faints to the ground.

      Jennifer runs through the Checquy office, and asks Grantchester what is going on. The Russians view it as a “full-scale breach of diplomacy.”

      Jennifer promises the Checquy is done. Granchester says it’s not done for him.

      Gestalt and Myfanwy embrace outside the scene. They reassure her if she wants to leave, she can - but they’ll miss her.

      Myfanwy goes to the back of the ambulance to look for Farrier - and she’s gone, leaving a note saying to put the blame on her.

      Myfanwy heads back home to her apartment, to write a letter to herself, thanking her past self for her support.

      Now that I’ve found your incredible power, I’m going to use it in ways you hadn’t imagined. No one can stop me.” Myfanwy promises as she runs over the bridge that was so crucial to her.

      And then - Farrier meets up with Bronwyn to head out - they’ve got work to do after all.

      What a twist!