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    • To expand on my previous answer - most companies have an "avoid" list. If you put somone on your list, the software does it's best to avoid putting the two of you together.

      I've only ever put two people on my avoid list - one for constant, wildly inappropriate discussion, even after I asked him to stop. The other was just a holier-than-thou, god's gift to aviation guy I couldn't stand.

      The flight attendants have a similar list - I was once in a cab with the other pilot, and two FAs - the one FA was telling the other FA how they had almost 60 people on their avoid list. The captain was sitting in the front seat, reading the newspaper. He casually lowered the paper, leaned back, and said "Did you ever think it wasn't everyone else?", and goes back to reading his paper. LOL

    • Looking forward to my next long LA layover, I have a couple good friends in the area that I have not seen in far too long, and would like to catch up with!

      Tokyo would be fun for a long stay, jump on the bullet train and check out other parts of the island, like Hiroshima.

    • I've seen a few P3 Orions working low level and dropping torpedoes/sonabuoys into their range when I was flying floats.

    • Hmm.. good question!

      Some airports are definitely more difficult than others - La Guardia can be difficult, but it's mostly because of the short(ish) runways and lots of traffic.

      Victoria Harbour can be tough because of winds tumbling over the buildings.

      Each airport has its own challenges.

    • When you start flight training, don't take breaks. The more time off between flights. The longer it is going to take. You'll have to review previous lessons, etc...

      Don't worry too much about not "feeling ready". A license is a license to learn.