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    • As promised, here's part 3 of our European #Photowalk adventures, this week from the tiled city of Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹.

      For those who haven't been there before, Lisbon might remind you of San Francisco, with the cable cars and red bridge that resembles the Golden Gate.

      Then add the unique foods and guitars, Portuguese language, Fado shows and a massive love of tiles all over the city, and you've got a city like no other.

      Our #Photowalk here begins on the water and then continues through narrow backstreets. Check our Blog for complete mapping information and please watch the accompanying video above.

      The next and final stop of the European Photowalk is Porto, Portugal, next week. Then we return to California beach towns!

      What do you think folks? Spain or Portugal?  

    • Loved it, Jefferson. Lisbon is such a beautiful city.

      Once upon a time I did a PBS documentary with Stanford about historical earthquakes and Lisbon had one of the most significant giant earthquakes in human history: it shaped the layout of the city and profoundly shaped the balance of power between church and state.


    • Thanks again for watching Victoria. In the "you are so dumb" category, I was so busy shooting all the tiles, I neglected to get a killer shot of the pastries. Oh time!

    • You're very kind Chris. Thanks again for watching. I spent more time snapping pix than shooting video on this one, and realized my deficit when I sat down to edit. Hopefully the GoPro driving and Mavic drone shots helped fill in the gaps!

      On the earthquake, yeah, they talk a lot there about post earthquake building, which dates back to the 1700s!