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    • I read Mindf*ck, the book from Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie, and it blew my mind. I thought wow, big data, AI, really smart people, and an exploit Facebook didn’t see coming created a perfect storm.

      Somehow I didn’t realize boutique agencies would spring up like this and have so much success. Mind blown.

    • Huh, I don’t know why that link didn’t expand for you. I tried using’s debugger and it mentioned security check required. @kevin ? Here it is expanded on my iPad using the Cake app, but it doesn’t expand for me on my Mac laptop using Chrome or Safari.

      Edit: that link shows up as expanded when viewing this thread on my iPad with the app, but not here on my laptop with Chrome. ??

    • The aus bushfire thread has current examples. There’s an article in news this morning about the amount of Disinformation pushing Both climate activists and deniers causes.

      Like most media - even mainstream - the reality is somewhere between the extremes.

      Quote from the Telegraph:

      Helping to circulate the false claims, the hashtag “ArsonEmergency” was promoted by a “much higher” proportion of bot-like or troll-like social media accounts than those with other fire-related hashtags such as #BushfireAustralia or #AustraliaFire, according to analysis by Dr Timothy Graham from the Queensland University of Technology.
      Dr Graham examined the ArsonEmergency hashtag because it was being used by some of the more suspicious-looking individual Twitter accounts he'd been monitoring.
      He told IT news outlet ZDNet on Tuesday that these accounts “were really focused in particular on climate denial, and The Greens being responsible for the bushfires, and arson attacks being responsible for the bushfires as well”.
      Lightning strikes have been a major cause of bushfires this season, as has been the case historically, particularly in Victoria and South Australia.
      Record high temperatures and months of drought have contributed greatly to the speed and scale of the blazes.

    • I thought the essay from Boz was brilliant. I hadn't heard that Cambridge Analytica was considered snake oil. When I read Christopher Wylie's book, he had me completely convinced.

    • Yeah, whatever the issue, disinfo troops are on it:

      The problem is not that you need to be careful about what you trust, the real danger is that the people will just get tired of all of it and say 'you cannot know what is true, so I don't trust anything'.