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    • Fitment of the R40 is a very simple affair, two straps at the back and two at the bottom of the legs, is the standard way to mount. I utilized the two remaining straps to go around my rack so mine is actually secured in 6 locations

      Even though the R40 is a rackless system for how i use my bike I prefer to add a rack to add some additional structure to the subframe of the bike, the one i use is a Globtrottin' version I'll talk about in another review

      If you were to run it as a rackless system as devised then Mosko Moto provides some tabs to mount to the rear of your bike

      Mounted on the bike and packed to 40 liters

      A lot of riders will look at the R40 (left) and R80 and wonder how they look on the bike, so for size reference this is both versions and both on the same bike a 2016 KTM 500EXC

      Next up packing the R40 with enough gear to ride Round The World