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    • A fascinating segment from NPR’s Fresh Air on the positive and negative effects of caffeine.

      "There are studies that show that people's both mental performance and athletic performance are improved by coffee," he says. "If you have a cup of coffee after you've learned something or read a textbook chapter, you are more likely to test better on it the next day."

    • Thanks for sharing this interesting article! As a coffee lover, the last paragraph got my attention.

      On coffee growing and climate change:

      It's a very demanding plant, and it's very picky. It has to have exactly the right altitude, water ... all this kind of stuff, which is concerning now, because coffee faces a tremendous threat from climate change. There is a narrow band of conditions that make coffee happy. And the estimates now [from] the climate scientists — and this will be alarming to the fellow addicts out there — is that 50% of the coffee-growing regions will not be able to support the coffee plant by 2050. So capitalism may be killing the golden goose as climate change undermines coffee production. ... We may look back and say we lived in this golden age of good coffee that lasted from 1966 to 2050 — and then it'll be downhill from there.

    • A long time ago I had a pretty bad caffeine addiction.

      Went Cold Turkey. Headaches and a feeling of listlessness lasted 2-3 days. But really it wasn't that hard. They were the only symptoms.

      You just have to man up, HTFU and kick it. Now I have one cup a week - if that - and don't miss it.

    • I sure feel better when off caffeine, but, also sure enjoy a double pull of espresso in the morning!

      Can't touch any product with caffeine after 12 noon or it will adversely affect my sleep that night.

    • After years of drinking coffee all day at work I quit drinking it a few months ago and feel better. I didn't think it affected me but I now realize my sleep wasn't as good as it is now. Getting better sleep makes a world of difference. I didn't have any issues when I stopped drinking it, I just stopped and all was good. I thought I would have a headache or be grougy for at least a few days but I didn't.

      Living in the Pacific Northwest there are coffee shops all over and it's good coffee. It can also become an expensive habit.

    • Yay, I’m glad you kicked the coffee habit! I find myself needing it at work if I don’t get at least seven hours of sleep. Of course that then screws up my sleep for that night—did I mention I had a second cup this afternoon?