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    • I sure feel better when off caffeine, but, also sure enjoy a double pull of espresso in the morning!

      Can't touch any product with caffeine after 12 noon or it will adversely affect my sleep that night.

    • After years of drinking coffee all day at work I quit drinking it a few months ago and feel better. I didn't think it affected me but I now realize my sleep wasn't as good as it is now. Getting better sleep makes a world of difference. I didn't have any issues when I stopped drinking it, I just stopped and all was good. I thought I would have a headache or be grougy for at least a few days but I didn't.

      Living in the Pacific Northwest there are coffee shops all over and it's good coffee. It can also become an expensive habit.

    • Yay, I’m glad you kicked the coffee habit! I find myself needing it at work if I don’t get at least seven hours of sleep. Of course that then screws up my sleep for that night—did I mention I had a second cup this afternoon?