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    • Dear marketers,

      When you're confronted with the ineffectiveness of your bland, generic, trite, marketing, stop trying to evade blame by hiding behind some study about "shortening attention spans."

      Consumers don't interrupt their online activity to watch a 30 second video any more than pulling over to the side of the road to read small print on a billboard. They're not looking at your boring marketing because it's boring. Of course they're going to "Skip Ad." They've got better things to do.

      Consumers pay attention to things that interest them. Most marketing fails because it's not interesting. If you make your marketing interesting to them, they will reward you with their attention.


    • Hi Chris,

      Rather than post the usual suspects from years ago (Avis, VW Beetle, Guinness, Apple's 1984, etc.) how about something like this. A great example of making the reader join the dots, without being impenetrably cryptic.

    • This is my point. It costs just as much to publish a cr@p piece of marketing as a great piece of marketing. But there are too many people happy to execute on the basis of plausible deniability than take a risk. But the real risk is producing such vanilla messaging in the first place.

      Which is why we end up where we are: instantly-forgettable marketing with an ROI figure dependent on how many decimal points you're rounding-up to.