Over on Dreamwidth lilacsigil is the first requester of a theme for #5words , thank you lilacsigil. They asked for #5words to do with water or swimming (we've had djiba djobalin - swim - already, I believe), so let's see what we can do. As quite a lot of Noongar Creation legend is to do with great serpent/s - the Wargul carving out the land, river and waters into the shapes they are today, and that there's quite a lot of coastline involved in their territory, water is very integral to the culture, especially that of what is called the Swan River.

kep - water

ngobar - beach, beach sand, or sandbar

wardan - ocean
(bonus word) maambakoort - deep ocean "father's heart" from the heartbeat sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

darbow - dive

Swan River - Derbarl Yerrigan but if you wanted a literal translation of Swan River it would be Mali (swan) Beeliar (river, and interestingly to show how important the river and water is to life, it's the same word that's used for the umbilical cord.).

We might have to revisit water several times! We've got more than 5 words here and more are wanting to come out!
Thank you lilacsigil, that was a really good one and we'll revisit it down the track.