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    • I feel like Cake's Twitter account could be a little more active in promoting the great conversations we have here. We tend to get surges of new users when Cake makes headlines, the two most recent IIRC were when @Chris' post made it onto Hacker News and the latest mention in USA Today. But the Twitter account has posted less than 20 times this year. If the account was more active, and those of us who already follow it help promote it within our own circles, we could help boost new registrations even further.

      I'm not sure who is in charge of the account, but I'd be happy to volunteer to manage it if it could help the team out.

    • I agree @JazliAziz. I think if the account tweeted a bit more, that would help. I try to tweet stuff from my personal Twitter account (@slamdunk406) that I find to be interesting to promote Cake more and all. But, the way I try to do it is I'll tweet out stuff that has generated a good conversation. That way people don't just read the initial post. They get to see the quality of conversations that we have on here.