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    • I went to Target at 8am last Friday to buy one, thought I would just waltz in right when the store opened. There was a line down the block. They handed out tickets an hour before and I was out of luck. But I couldn't wait, I went on eBay and paid twice as much as retail to get one. Haven't gotten it yet but I'm so pumped! Anyone else get one? What games are you excited about playing?

      I'm most excited about playing Earthbound. I've played it before but never finished it.

    • I'd love one, but I haven't tried to get one yet.

      I never had an SNES when I was a kid, but I have many fond memories of playing SNES games at my friends' houses. It's hard to choose a favorite game, but I think Super Mario Kart is probably right at the top of my list. It's hard to beat for sheer fun and replayability.

    • Would love one to have and sit next to my Classic NES to keep it company.

      I have heard good things about Super Mario RPG, would be interested in playing that one.

    • My friend bought one and sold it for a 65$ profit. 😝

      I’ve thought about it but I’m also that nerd who owns the old school console already.
      Plus I have an emulator on a media PC that has tons of games. (and other consoles!) 🎮

      It would be cool to get one for when traveling to a Tahoe like destination with friends.

    • My favorite video games are the ones that are couch co-op, multiplayer! Things like Mario Kart are fantastic and remind me of some great memories with friends.

    • I give Super Mario RPG ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

      It has some really fun mechanics and the characters they introduce are silly and grand.

      Like Mallow, the wayward prince of Nimbus land who thinks he’s a tadpole because he was raised by a wise frog.

    • This is one i really want to play. I think Nintendo is at its best when it's pushing the Mario story lines and this game was one of the first expansions of that universe.

    • I don't! I've thought about getting one just for Zelda: Breath of the Wild though. Zelda + Mario Kart is an even better incentive. 💸

    • Ehhhhh, I'll just play ROMs on an RPi. I get the kitschy nostalgia of rolling out a new device, but to me this is bad behavior on Nintendo's part and I won't reward it. I'll buy classic SNES games where legally available (I've bought Chrono Trigger on several different platforms), and I'm annoyed that Nintendo hasn't done the obvious thing and brought its massive classic library to their new consoles.

    • Keenan Wells

      Yeah I agree that it would've been way cooler if they had a way to add games to the console. It's unfortunate it's stuck with just 21 games with no option to swap in others. Not sure if it's a licensing thing, or a quick money grab or what. But I did find the user interface on the NES Classic to be quite delightful and the snappiness of the controls felt like a bit of a step up from ROMs. So I'm hopeful it'll be a fun experience.

    You've been invited!