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    • It was my birthday recently and I wanted to try something new, so we made the Victoria Sponge from The Great British bakeoff for my birthday. Disclaimer: By "we" I mean the "royal we" because this is a Victorian recipe, and by the "royal we", I mean my wife made it and I tasted it.

      To start off with we used the recipe from Mary Berry's website, she was a judge for the first few seasons:

      After figuring out how to convert from grams to ounces (we are American), we were immediately perplexed by the lack of oil in the bake. Pretty much every cake we have made uses oil, but this one replaces oil with butter (I really hope you like butter!).

      We had a little bit of trouble getting the cake out of the pan so there was some patchiness on one side of each sponge. We turned the the affected sides to the inside of the sandwich so that turned out ok.

      The buttercream turned out pretty well, though definitely more butter than we are used to adding in a homemade buttercream. Usually it's about 1:4 butter to sugar, and this was a 1:2 butter to sugar mix.

      Jam just came out of a Jar.

      It turned out really well, and all our friends seemed to like it at our dinner party. The cake is aptly named a sponge as it is more "spongey" than cakey (which was really good). As a couple of Americans, we thought it was a bit less sweet and a bit more buttery than we are used to.

      P.S. I'm pretty sure this is named after Queen Victoria and not @Victoria, but I could be wrong!

    • Tell your wife she needs to make enough for everyone. 😎

      Wow. I grew up with German buttercake and buttercrumb-topped Babka bread around the holidays, so this sounds like a European treat that would be very much to my liking.

    • That looks incredible! I love baking new things, especially anything FANCY and unusual like this :) It always makes one feel so sophisticated -- and hopefully full of delicious food!