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    • If you have not yet had the chance to read the whistleblower complaint regarding United States president Donald Trump and his phone call with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky, I have taken the liberty share that with all of you on Cake! Having read it myself, I find it to be very troubling.

      Click here to check it out.

    • I don’t think I will ever lose my sense of wonder about how two people can read the same thing and come away with two vastly different conclusions.

      The nation is completely consumed by this, some saying it shows we’re living in an episode of The Godfather, the rest saying it’s just business as usual.

      I’m captivated by it too but wish we were all consumed by issues like infrastructure.

    • Hmmm...

      Jon Huntsman, Jr. is the current ambassador to Russia. He has tendered his resignation as of Oct. 3. 🤔

      It was also rumored that he may have been the source of the anonymous “I am part of the resistance” NYT op-ed last year...

    • That’s interesting, I had no idea. From the small world department, I got to know the Hunstmans when I was at University if Utah.

      The thing about Jon is he speaks fluent Mandarine Chinese, has served as governor, ambassador to both China and Russia, has adopted children from India and China... What a resume.

      He even has exposure to business through his amazing father and uncle, music (he dropped out of high school to play piano), and has a daughter on The View.

      Dunno why he’s not a serious contender for president. Not enough charisma and over promising?

    • Well, he did give it a shot in 2012. But he seems too reasonable for today's Republican Party. I've seen speculation that he may run for governor of Utah again.

    • Another interesting tidbit: his brother owns The Salt Lake Tribune, so there’s a family network to help negotiate how things play out in print.

      (My Mom dated Jon’s dad years before his parents married. She has always said she “dodged a bullet” on that one. Hahaha. Not a big fan of Jon Huntsman, Sr....)

    • Interesting. The times I met the senior Huntsmans and heard them speak they struck me as larger than life, charismatic, successful in so many things.

      The first time I ever spoke in public about my time on the streets, when mom became mentally ill, they were in the audience. I was embarrassed about my background, always carried this shame but thought some of the story should be told.

      They sought me out after the talk before I could slip away and told me to never be ashamed about it, to be proud. It was just them and me, no one watching, none of the discussion was about them, they had nothing to gain, and I never forgot it.

    • I was always impressed when listening to John Huntsman Jr. speak during the 2012 campaign

      One wonders how this is all going to play out for Joe Biden's more centrist, attempt to gain the nomination for the Democrats.

      Kimberley Strassel had an slightly different view of this whole mess in this mornings Wall Street Journal - which I have heard little mention made of

      Wikipedia has a great article about John Meade Huntsman Jr, and I specifically noted how highly he was regarded after two terms as the Governor of Utah - "During his tenure, Huntsman was one of the most popular governors in the country, and won reelection in a landslide in 2008, winning every single county. He left office with approval ratings over 80 percent"

    • When Barack Obama appointed Huntsman ambassador to China, I wondered if it was because he spoke fluent Mandarin and lived in Taiwan for 2 years, or whether he wanted to send a political star and potential rival to a job that doesn't get public notice. Both reasons could make sense.

      He has run a successful state and got amazing approval, he has foreign policy experience like no president we've ever had (maybe George H.W. Bush?), he has great business experience, no apparent scandals, great family. What's missing? The charisma and fame and overpromising voters crave so much?

    • Chris, being honest here I think it is a number of factors. I wrote an article a few years back on why Mitt Romney would not win -- and it had as much to be with an LDS (Mormon) bias as it did with policy/personality! (and again I say this as someone who has never been a member of the LDS Church.)

      Remember also Utah is considered more than a bit of an outlier in politics - suspicions that the LDS Church organizes the vote. Mind you this also appears to give Mitt Romney a little more security than other politicians.

      So with Huntsman I wonder how many would be even given the chance to get to know him before their mind is made up?

    • Yeah, you could very well be right about that. I noticed a couple years ago that Pew showed acceptance of Mormons to only be above atheists and Muslims.

      I don't know where Trump is on the religious spectrum but he certainly has sky-high approval among evangelicals.

    • One wonders how this is all going to play out for Joe Biden's more centrist, attempt to gain the nomination for the Democrats.

      I couldn't read the WSJ article (paywall), but I don't see much of an interdependence here. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of improper conduct of either Biden in Ukraine. The prosecutor in question, Viktor Shokin, was widely considered corrupt by the EU, the IMF and the World Bank as well as the US government. His firing, according to former Ukraine Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, had little to do with the Bidens. Trump's accusations appear to be pure fabrications. Biden's chances of winning the nomination are much more threatened by the progressive wing of his own party.

    • Biden's chances of winning the nomination are much more threatened by the progressive wing of his own party.

      Exactly!! But in the general election, Biden might fare better with centrist, non-party voters than candidates from fire breathers farther to the left......

      Strassel's piece in the Journal did not suggest impropriety by either Mr Biden or his son, merely the "appearance" of impropriety - a condition than has been seen all too frequently lately, and more wisely avoided by any high elected officials, of either party.

    • I heard pundits comment that the potential damage is to keep Hunter Biden in the news associated with the words corruption and Ukraine. The bet is the drip drip drip of hearing it mentioned over and over simply casts doubt. Few voters have the time and ability to do much research about it, but they are going to see headlines like this, which is the most-shared article today on's website, I guess because it's salacious?

    • yep it’s an historical, theological, political, which really means economic bias!! And I am not sure how it will be overcome for a candidate on a national stage.

    • Replying to @Chris

      Right - merely the appearance of impropriety, hammered at, hour, after hour, after hour, after hour ....on the 24 hour a day news cycle - something that had almost been written off, up until now, by journalists ravenous for a good story

      This is definitley politics with the gloves off. No gentlemen left standing.

    • ”appearance” aka false aka conspiracy theory or “but I read it” is all it takes. What actually happened/ happens has been sadly placed not just second, but last.

      I do wonder what this all means for all our elections.

    • I must confess that I am quite anxious about the direction both parties seem to be heading - one that will not offer centrists, of either party, acceptable, attractive options.

      And it seems to be harder and harder to find authoritative, accurate, voices, free of political bias, in any medium anymore.

      Are there any adults left in Washington anymore??

      I am doubtful that impeachment will succeed in the Senate, unless there is far more specific testimony or recordings presented in the coming weeks. They will have to absolutely convince several Republican Senators ( and the voters of the states they represent). Won't they??

      Edit - to be sucessful they need a 2/3 majority in the Senate - which may not be easy to achieve

    • The problem right now is both parties go to their corners and immediately begin to fight for their side. Few are willing to see if the other party might be right about a particular issue. It is so partisan right now.

      Personally, I don't see how Trump can wriggle out of this assuming the whistleblower has credible information, which he or she appears to have. Sadly, I do feel like no matter what Trump does or how damming the evidence is, the Republicans will defend him. Pretty scary.

      Lastly, we now know the whistleblower is someone from the CIA thanks to the New York Times. Some are wondering if it was ethical for the NYT to publish that. As a journalist myself, I think if you get your hands on sensitive information, provided it wasn't given to you off the record, go ahead and publish it. We're in for a wild ride with this. No doubt.

    • both parties go to their corners and immediately begin to fight for their side

      It's hard to keep track of what the parties stand for. The deficit was a conservative position until a few years ago but now I guess it's liberal?

      Back in 1989 as a young earth scientist, climate and the environment seemed like a conservative position. I remember hearing speeches like this and thinking this is what a coherent leader sounds like: someone who has command of specifics, respects science, seeks bipartisan agreements, cares for vulnerable populations...

    • I have to believe that the whistleblower is one step ahead of this—he’s got to know that his identity will someday (soon?) come out, and he has to have made plans accordingly. Anyone who is as thoughtful and eloquent and detailed as the person who wrote that complaint has thought all of this through (with his attorneys) and figured out how to ride out the storm, I hope.