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    • Question for my Cake friends!

      I'm putting together a blog post on the joys of Photowalking with friends, and I get to illustrate it with 5 of my best videos. For those who have watched many of them--and that includes you @chris @margot @Denise @Vilen @StephenL @skinny_tom @vegasphotog and @Victoria, what do we pick?

      We start here, because that's the theme:

      And what else? I'm thinking Pasadena, Orange and Hidden LAX because they all feature two photogs out on a shoot, and the L.A. Deli Walk because the journey was with many new and old friends. And for the bonus round, Catalina Island, for making friends on a solo shoot on an island.

      What say you? Anything else you would pick?

      The complete collection is here at Anything you'd swap?

    • I think from my comments over the past year it should be obvious that what appeals most to me from your photo walks is the interesting people you interview, an amazing nature scene or eclectic designed building to photograph, and your tips on where the best places are to capture a shot: I especially appreciate tips of little known places to take a good shot as well as when the best time of day to capture a sunset photo. I believe Pasadena Photo Walk was one that hit all the notes for me, but obviously I’m a big fan of all of your work.

    • Wow, it's hard to choose!

      I loved your recent Tanjareen video, and the Orange Old Town video caught my imagination too.

      I had a hard time selecting what I considered my top photos of 2019 - I can't imagine how long that exercise would take with videos!

    • My favorite is the Catalina Photo Walk because of the subject matter. The island has a unique quiet vibe that comes across from your video that makes me want to visit it next time I'm in LA. I've never been there, but it is now on my to-visit list.

      One point to consider is to have a bit less wide-angle GO PRO shots when driving through towns. It works great for outdoor shots, but anytime there are buildings around, it looks like a fishbowl. I think there is an option in the camera to go less wide.

      Catalina, as you've pointed out, is the default wallpaper in the latest macOS, so it makes Photowalk ever more attractive to a broader audience.

    • Thanks @Vilen! I've updated my GoPro technique since, at the urging of my Orange Photowalk partner Jan who has the exact same sentiments as you! The Pasadena Photowalk is at the linear setting! I sometimes miss the ultra wide, but I get it!

      Have you seen the ultra, ultra wide on the new GoPro Max camera? It's so out there!

      Thanks for watching and chatting! Really appreciate it.

    • Wow, somehow I missed the airplane photowalk. I liked it because airplanes are too amazing to believe.

      Interesting to see your whole list. You’ve been busy and many of them are starting to get significant views.

      My fav was Catalina because it’s such an interesting place and with your guest you turned up fascinating history.

      Second was with Tanjareen. She knew stuff and was really funny.

      Hard to pick third because I liked all the SoCal small city tours so much.

    • first thanks for asking me this. It's really difficult to make a choice, I love all your Photowalk however among my favorites there are Kobe - Culver - So Cal, but I can't ask to change anything because I wouldn't know what to eliminate! 🥇

    • Thanks Margot--this is the first I've heard about praise for the Culver City Steps, so this makes me feel great. As long as I don't have to walk up them again!

    • Thanks as always Chris. Can't tell you how much it means to me to have you watching and commenting on my output--after all these years!

      LAX was with Cake's @AnthonyQuintano. He didn't want to walk to the beach, but see airplanes instead. I'm thrilled he made the suggestion!

      I loved Catalina too, and having Tony by my side for Tanjareen in Toluca Lake sure made it a lot easier. For this year, I have to pick Catalina, San Pedro and because I got to rock the guitar in it, the 2019 highlight reel, Best of Friends. For 2018--my take on downtown Los Angeles.

      My mom is joining me next weekend in Redondo Beach! We plotted it out today over lunch.

    • Yeah, Porto was great. And Lisbon. I almost mentioned them but my intense hurt that you didn’t bring me as your cameraman...oh, never mind. I’ll take it up with my therapist. 😊

    • Thanks. Shot with film on a Hasselblad.

      Santa Cruz, SF, Berkeley, Sausalito, Tiburon, Carmel, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Moss Landing, Capitola... Your to-do list is so long here you better plan on staying at our house for a few weeks.

      I’ll take you up in a helicopter.