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    • The exhibit was inspired by the discovery in 2004 of a collection of Frida's clothing and personal memorabilia previously unseen.

      From the official page:

      Kahlo’s personal artifacts—which range from noteworthy examples of Kahlo’s Tehuana clothing, contemporary and pre-Colonial jewelry, and some of the many hand-painted corsets and prosthetics used by the artist during her lifetime—had been stored in the Casa Azul (Blue House), the longtime Mexico City home of Kahlo and Rivera, who had
      stipulated that their possessions not be disclosed until 15 years after Rivera’s death. The objects shed new light on how Kahlo crafted her appearance and shaped her personal and public identity to reflect her cultural heritage and political beliefs, while also addressing and
      incorporating her physical disabilities. 

    • Do keep in mind that the exhibition is extremely popular: if you can, you should purchase tickets online in advance of your visit. "Same-day, on-site tickets are timed, offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, and sell out quickly each day."

      If you're a fan of Frida Kahlo or at all interested in the forces that shaped her world, this is a must-see as the largest US exhibition ever devoted to Kahlo. But if you don't believe me - check out what the NYTimes has to say.