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    • eSports are starting to grow and athletes in a bicycle race on Zwift competed for over $45,000 in prize money. "International Olympic Committee has indicated interest in the virtual sporting world, with plans to introduce an esports tournament during the lead-up to the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February." (link below) Is this the future of sport? How fast will it grow? Check out the link below to peer into the future.

    • Yes, is the short answer to your question. eSports is already massive in other countries, such as South Korea, which has it's own eSport Association. I think this story is it actually shows people doing physical exercise vs just thumbs and figures. I can tell you many startup and VC's are focused on and putting a lot of cash towards eSports. $45,000 for biking is nothing when some folks are making over a million playing League of Legends.

    • Yeah I don't consider video games eSports even though it is called that. I recently saw an interview with a professional cyclist and he said that many cycling events in Europe could turn to virtual world races because of the traffic concerns. Rowing, cycling, running and any other sport that can measure power while stationary will be potential events.

    • Concept has had a form of rowing "eSport" for a while. In the past, you'd enter your times via web page; now it's Internet connected. There are also competitions called Crash-B's that people actually get together for. Nothing like 50 machines set up for a challenge-never felt dizzier or more wasted than after that event (we had a Canadian National Team who encouraged several of us to enter a corporate event-which we handily won because of her).

      Strange way to "compete".

    • I think this progression is very possible. Do you know how many broadcasters and editors of the NBC Olympics coverage were in Stamford, CT? Over 600 easily. I think though that the idea of getting top ranked people in same room will help a lot as people want to see the "grimaces" of determination to beat that other person.

    • Yeah I too have a Concept rower and know how there competitions work. I think in the future though there will be bigger events and purses with online spectators.

    • yup. Not much more to really say. Sorry. :-/.

      The combination of growing fitness or sports competition and social tech in true form of hardware/software will enable a world of competitive connectivity.

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