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    • Ah, so this is less "Interesting [to you]" and more "Interesting [to everyone]". Understood, thanks for clearing up that misunderstanding! :)

    • @Vilen Thanks for reminding me of this post via thumbs-up. I just saw the new hash icon and that "Following" now is a 1st class citizen. Nice!

      EDIT: Sort modes are sticky as well, yay! :)

    • Based on your feedback and after some internal prototyping we now have a solution. We've decided to combine all conversation feeds (For You, Following, Featured and All) under a single tab. This makes it much easier to switch between conversation feeds.

      We took it even further and the sort order within each feed is now persistent. For example: you can have "For You" feed to be sorted by "Interesting", "Following" by "Active" and "All" by "Newest" and it will stay that way on any device you use.

      How's that @Factotum?