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    • @yaypie @Vilen @Chris and anyone else at Cake that might want to brainstorm on this topic.

      Because each comment that a person posts on Cake is its own separate post, there is a major noise to signal ratio issue when trying to back track through someone's older posts on their profile page. I don't know a solution but one idea (that may not be feasible) is a second profile page that collapses the previous conversations in which a user participated.

      The current status is that the first post one comes to in a given conversation is the last post made by the user in that conversation. If that user has posted twenty comments on that topic, one has to scroll past that conversation twenty times. Chris MacAskil, as one example, often posts a large number of posts in a conversation that really interests him. Try scrolling back through @Chris's profile page and you will quickly see what I am referencing.

      I'm not sure if there is a way to make this more user friendly but thought that I would mention it for your consideration.

    • This is a really interesting suggestion, Shewmaker. Thank you for bringing it up!

      Let me try to rephrase the problem and propose a possible solution.


      When looking at someone's profile you are seeing a bunch of posts from the same conversation over and over. This makes it difficult to scan and see in which conversations this person has recently been posting.


      Group posts from a single conversation together and make that group collapsible.

      Am I understanding the problem correctly, what about a proposed solution?

    • Actually, I first noticed this issue when I was scrolling through a user's profile looking for a specific previous post which this user had made. I realized that it was taking me quite a long time to go backwards through this person's timeline because I was seeing the same conversations over and over. Regrettably the post I was seeking was from quite awhile ago. If one remembers an unfamiliar word or remembers the specific topic tags, a post can be searched but trying to locate it by "browsing" causes one to slog one's way through the marshes of unsought posts from the more recent past.

    • We are going to explore the idea of grouping posts together that are from the same conversation and make all of this collapsible. We'll start with the design first and if that goes well we'll add it to the to-do list for the development.

      Again, Thank you for the suggestion, Shewmaker!