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    • I can't help but imagine humans having a distant utopian future. There will be some road bumps along the way but I'm still optimistic that the future looks bright. Could it be my faith in science or that I think humans are generally inherently good? Evolutionary theory tells us that being a liar, thief or vicious is a stable survival strategy for a smaller subset of the population, and while concerning, I think the majority will manage to control the minority. I am more concerned about AI disrupting our future than human falibility. I think there may be some dystopian like challenges along the way but in the end humanity will live a generally pleasant future. I would use the current statistic that humanity has gotten less violent over time despite what you might imagine from popular news outlets. What side are you leaning towards - utopian or dystopian?

    • Unfortunately Dystopian but social breakdown will be the effect, not the cause. At the current rate of environmental change there may not be enough stable environment for anything but a few to live a Utopian life.

    • Eventually hopefully, though I suspect a lot of knowledge and facilities will have been lost in the meantime so Utopia might be more of a back to basics thing.