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    • Hey everyone! So, it's decided: I'm going to chase the Dakar Rally 2019 on my bike.

      I will not be able to start in Lima; instead, I'll intercept them in San Juan de Marcona and follow from there.

      I will have a decent camera, unlimited data, and access to the bivouac at some stages.

      I'll be blogging about it and posting on IG TV, but most of the time, I'll be updating ADV Rider.

      Come with me!

      What would you like to see most? Do you have a favorite competitor and if so, what would you like to ask them? Which stages do you think will be the most spectacular?

    • Great news! I will be following; know Cake isn't really geared towards posting regular updates in a conversation like a ride report, or can it be?

      What I'd be attracted to is experiencing closeness to the struggles competitors deal with, especially the less rich ones who don't have the luxury of a team and assistance vehicles.

      And your view on what you find most humane experiences, you know the stuff that can't be scripted and needs to be lived to be appreciated, real life experiences that just happen.

    • I watched a YouTube video on a privateer who finished the Dakar. Would like to see the Dakar from the privateer viewpoint,

    • Lyndon shooting made more for Dakar rally than all (sadly bad ) Tv covers.... Seeing fans and kids waiting for him at the next bivouac middle of night was, for lot of people, a real warm feeling. It would be great you continue to show the human side, , and maybe talk to locals and people who are following or just enjoying the rally... ;)

    • Welcome to Cake, babar69. I love Lyndon and the way he filmed that. He was so honest, vulnerable, For some reason, some of the members on ADV see red about the guy because he has to fund the filming somehow and takes donations, so they stalk me on LinkedIn or wherever to complain.

      I had coffee with his gf Kamilia in San Fran and she describes what it was like to surprise him by showing up for the second to last stage. She's wonderful.

    • This is awesome! Thanks so much for all the questions and suggestions.

      I am already interviewing locals, for example, a local (Peruvian) Dakar volunteer who goes out into the desert and reports back to ASO telling them which sections are impassable/dangerous/extra difficult. He doesn't get anything in return, not even bivouac access, yet he does it anyway every year. I'm going to tag along and see the process up close!:)

      I haven't yet figured out the best platforms, especially for live videos, plus the WiFi will probably be spotty, but I'll do my best.

    • You did an amazing job. It was the best part of my day to get refreshed and see what you had for us from the Dakar.

      Thames you for your sacrifice. Wish I was there. :)