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    • While battling cold for almost 2 weeks, I tried a variety of natural remedies to boost my immune system to let it fight out the sickness. I didn’t want to take NyQuil or other drugs as they tend to mask the symptoms while the immune does its job.

      I started with making hot cups of honey ginger and lemon tea. I let it cool down a bit before drinking and it made me feel a lot better. Perhaps their warmness of the tea and sweet and sour taste made me feeling relaxed and at ease. Maybe it was the placebo effect taking hold, but I felt immediately better.

    • I had some honeycomb from a local farmer’s market stashed away and I’ve put it to good use with a fresh lemon from the backyard and topped it all with a ginger root.

      While boiling the hot water I smashed the ginger root to let it’s juices out and then dropped it into a cup. I poured hot water over it and let it sit for a minute. Then I squeezed the lemon into the cup. Lastly, I added some honey while carefully trining to separate it from the comb. I wanted to wait a bit longer for the water to cool off so it didn’t melt the wax of the comb.

      It turned out to be a great combination and I enjoyed making that tea twice a day until I started feeling better.

      What other natural remedies have you tried to fight the cold?

    • If you get a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water.

      Simple chicken soup or chicken and veg soup.

      Green tea with honey.

      And lots of steamy showers.

    • I’ve also tried Elderberry Syrup to boost the immune system and help in recovery from cold. Unlike the medicine, the berry syrup tastes like berries and is enjoyable in small doses. I went with the “intense” dosage which is 2 teaspoons, 4 times per day.

      Here is the study that points to benefits of elderberries in fighting cold:

    • For nasal congestion, it is really hard to beat Afrin nasal spray - 0.05% Oxymetazoline and some small amounts of eucalyptus and camphor. Since it is a nasal spray the systemic effects are minimal if used as directed, and it will clear out your nasal congestion and let you breathe free.

      Spray it up your nose, wait 15- 30 seconds or so, and feel relief.

      DO NOT drink it, it might really harm you, but then, if you try to ride your bicycle backwards, that might hurt you as well. Just follow the directions.

      That and half a gram of oral chewable orange flavored Vit C works for me.

      Vit C, camphor , eucalyptus and a derivative of ephedrine, all natural agents.

      If I have a fever or myalgias, then I add one 220mg tab of Aleve a day - I am not allergic to aspirin or Non-steroidals - folks who are allergic or suffer from stomach ulcers etc obviously shouldn't take drugs they know will affect them adversely, like Aleve. Do not mix Aleve with alcoholic beverages either. Aleve is derived from aspirin in a way, and so I think of it as natural too,

      Fresh Squeezed orange juice is great and a good source of Vit C, but it does have a fair bit of sugar too, though.

    • I have not gotten a cold or a flu in the last six years. I spend allot of time outdoors riding a motorcycle, or walking/hiking. But I do not have to go in crowded places or live anymore eight hours a day in an office building, breathing same germs over and over, and I think a lot of it has to do with that - not luck.

      I remember old cures - boiling onion and drinking that water. And have you ever tried this ancient method:

      Edit: I only knew about this from my grand mother and had seen it used on others in the family, never actually had it used on me. But there seems to be more explication available so I thought it't worth sharing to at least point the audience in the right direction of what I was referencing.

    • When I’m feeling sick enough to stay home, I tend to use a bit of honey with my hot tea. It soothes a sore throat nicely and encourages me to drink more liquids, which is half the battle when your sick. I usually alternate with ginger ale since I get tired of drinking tea after awhile. Hmm, maybe I should try a ginger infused tea next time.

      I wonder if adding powdered ginger to a hot cuppa would be enjoyable. I would think a very small quantity would suffice.