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    • After having taken this picture, I was reminded of my time living in a small rural town with of a population of about 1000. I lived on a 80 acre plot of land. family had two alpacas and 12 chickens. I would get up every morning at four AM and walk up the half mile stretch of driveway to feed and water the animals and collect the chicken eggs. At six AM i would have to walk back down the driveway to catch the bus to school. I would build forts in the woods, fish in any of the three ponds on the property, and go for hikes in a nearby creek. After six years of this, my family moved to a medium sized urban city just south of Kansas City. Here I would ride my bike to a small cafe where I would have a bagel and root beer everyday after school. Responsibilities consisted of general home care and not much else. I often would take walks in the local parks, and still do to this day.

      It was like living in two different countries at times. There was different slang and culture, and I often found myself missing the simplistic nature of living in the country. I was curious, do you prefer the fast-paced city lifestyle, or do you prefer the more slow paced country lifestyle?

    • Country folk know that they cannot control whether this year will be a bad crop year or a good one. Hard work may produce a great harvest one year and the same amount of work produce a bad harvest the next year. City folk often suffer from the illusion that they are in control of their environments.