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    • Hi I'm new to Cake just seeing what it's all about. I'm an artist who makes generative drawings with code and produces them with an AxiDraw v3 (by Evil Mad Scientist Labs). Here's some stuff I made!

    • Sure! so I use a program called Grasshopper - it's a scripting environment on top of a 3d modeling platform called Rhino. Each piece is developed with a new algorithm written in grasshopper. Writing each algorithm is a very improvisational and exploratory process - I usually don't have a concrete idea of what I'm going for when I start, but I may have some concepts or ideas for approaches or techniques to try. When the image looks the way I want it to, I export it to SVG and bring it into inkscape (an open source vector drawing program) which supports the Axidraw, the machine I use - this translates the drawing into instructions for the machine. The Axidraw is great because it can hold any sort of pen - I usually use an 0.25mm Rapidograph drafting pen, or a Micron.

    • sorry to cross platforms :-p but there's a timelapse of me developing a piece in grasshopper here:

      I have a sweet gif of the machine in action too but cake doesn't support gifs yet? (!)

    • The time lapse is amazing! It looks like a pretty involved process with a lot of exploration. So the finished pieces are actually ink on paper? Very cool.

      GIF uploading isn’t supported yet but if your GIF is online, you can embed it in a post by pasting the link on its own line and pressing enter.

    • 👆That works on iPhones and browsers on Windows & Mac, but links don't expand yet if you post from an Android phone. The way to get them to expand is paste the link, hit Enter, and wait a few seconds. You can have many per post.

      Welcome to Cake, Andrew, your art is amazing.

    • Very cool.

      At first, I'm thinking that a computer algorithm isn't how art is made.

      Then I came to my senses. If an etcher can use acid, if Matisse can use scissors, if Henry Moore can use a welder, then why can't a computer be put to work too? It's just a paintbrush by another name.

    • It's a totally normal reaction. I think one of the things I like best about algorithmic art is that it calls into question a lot of what "art" is in the first place! At the end of the day, as you say, it's just a tool like any other. But what makes generative art interesting to me is that it's a tool that (can) make decisions for you - and it's up to the artist to decide how much authority/ control to afford to the machine