I just finished reading The Cure for Everything by Timothy Caulfield. Great book but no surprises for me. As expected the alternative medicine and fitness industries are full of crap. Money drives diet, fitness and medicine industries. So what can you be sure of? There’s no easy way out. Here’s what Caulfield recommends: 1) exercise vigorously 2) eat small portions 3) try to maintain a healthy weight 4) do not smoke and only drink moderate amounts of alcohol 5) take all well known and simple injury prevention measures such as wearing a seat belt or bike helmet. He adds that a good sleep is helpful and that we should probably avoid sodium and trans fat in high amounts. Avoid junk food (foods with little or no nutrition) as much as possible. Easy to read book with practical advice for living healthier and a heavy dose of reality if you regularly buy into the latest health food or fitness fad. Some interesting stuff on big pharma and some advice on how to avoid being duped. Overall I’d say reading this book is a good investment in your health and well-being.