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    • Australia is slowly crawling to a lockdown. Bit by bit we are feeling the various effects of the virus on our daily lives. Be it people friends we know getting struck down by the virus itself or just the effects of no longer being able to go out to places we love, or find our favourite brands in supermarkets etc. times have changed and are continuing to change almost daily now several major countries are already in full lockdown, many are working from home now. Think of the health professionals that can'€™t work from home and are risking their lives keeping the sick alive at this time. Things are getting tough and in the coming weeks and months will get tougher. It will be hard.
      Stay at home if you can, don'€™t go out unnecessarily even to take shots, they will still be there when it’s all over but better you are still there as well.
      Two shots here today from the new sculpture in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan. The second is the one everyone will get. The first maybe not. It'€™s from the other side down the path looking back. Just like we’ll be in a couple of months down the road of life looking back on today and what’s going on. I think the first shot is a more pleasing image the light coming through the leaves the suns warm glow at the top. In a few months if we all keep our distance we can bet this thing stop it in its tracks. And then look back as a world as a whole and for once all work together for the good of humanity and save ourselves. Let'€™s keep ourselves isolated for a few weeks so we can see the pretty things further down the track, be able to look back.
      Ok for those already in isolation use this as an idea for things to shoot at home or in the back yard, always look for a new angle to shoot the first obviously angle is not always the best. Least take the time to practice and gain new skills.
      Stay safe there everyone, look after yourself and your fellow humankind, these next weeks, months will be critical to all of us.

    • This ones the image most people will take. its right in front of you from the car park, it has the sign etc, but the background is not great for the shot. Just like today the current situation is not great but theres hope down the path. Look after each other and we'll make it together.