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    • I'm completely new to bird feeding and don't know much about what I'm doing. I've got a 1 liter seed feeder with Wagner's Western Regional Blend (I'm in the SF Bay Area), a suet feeder with a Wildlife Sciences Suet Plus cake, and a hummingbird feeder with a water/sugar blend at a 4:1 ratio on my balcony.

      So far this has attracted an unknown species of hummingbird, oak titmouses, dark eyed juncos, chestnut-backed chickadees, and another unknown species of seed-eating bird.

      Apart from the hummies, they all seem to love the bird seed, but will only occasionally pay attention to the suet cake. I read somewhere that suet cakes are particularly valuable to birds as they head into Winter, so I thought my birds would be more interested in the cake than the seed. Will their level of interest wax and wane as the year goes by?

      Should I be changing the type of bird seed or suet cake during different periods of the year? Also, do hummingbirds need anything other than sugar water?

    • Hi CMagnuson and welcome to Cake! 😁 Amazing you posted this now because the girls and I were just looking at bird feeders for the backyard and we figured out we didn't know what to buy.

      But it turns out we have a whole bunch of purple blooming flowers in the front yard and the hummingbirds are going crazy over them, so last night I stood there for 10 minutes and must have photographed 6 hummingbirds.

      I'm hoping @Julianne knows about feeding birds or knows someone who does, because she knows everyone.

    • Hahaha, no digs, just trying to find out who can answer CMagnuson's Q. I'd love to know the answers too.

    • I feed ~ 50 pounds fresh Georgia peanuts in a wire mesh feeder to wood peckers and nut hatches a year.

      I feed almost 100 pounds of safflower seeds in 3 vertical feeders, and about 50 pounds of mixed wild bird seed of crushed corn, sunflower seeds, and thistle seeds. Song birds and finches love both of these choices. Our feeders are full almost all year long, unless we are travelling and away from home. The birds come as they choose.

      On occaision a finch, or,a dove, ends up feeding one of the local red tail hawks too. We can see the feathers left in our yard when this happens.

      My wife uses sugar water as well as her garden to attract hummingbirds until mid October when they depart Indiana.

      Mostly we see house finches, cardinals, nut hatches and chickadees. Once in a while we see northern flickers, and once three pairs of rose breasted grosbeaks.

      We've hung suet from time to time, but safflower seed really seems to be what most of our visitors prefer. I buy it from the local farm supply store in 50 pound bags twice a year.

      And a hummer in the rain - keep your hummer syrup fresh and clean, not hazy and unatractive

    • @Julianne , feeding birds is Okay As long as you don't feed the birds human food, you know the processed crap we as humans tend to eat, like bread, cakes....keep it to natural foods, like seeds, lettuce, vegetables and lots of fresh water, and if you really want a healthy amount of birds in your garden plant native trees that will provide them with protection