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    • Here’s an article about the Iraq death toll:

      Add to this the financial, emotional and mental toll from it and the costs are extremely high. Various things could be argued for why Bush should and shouldn’t be held responsible but I somehow feel he’s morally a better person than Trump. It’s like he fooled himself it believing it was the right thing to do. Anyway I’m not going to defend this view it’s just a feeling. All rolled it’s a horrible tragedy that continues to have lasting effects.

    • I'd say Bolsonaro would have to be a contender.

      If for nothing else, then for overseeing the acceleration and increase of deforestation of the Amazon and really not considering it an issue.

      Much of what Trump has done will be undone in the next few presidential terms, the destruction of the rainforest and the effect of that on global climate change won't be.

      Oh, and his insane stance on Covid also closely mirrored Trump.

    • I agree that G.W. Bush seems to be a morally better person than Trump. Perhaps a likeable, fundamentally 'nice' guy who was mislead into making terrible mistakes. As for the Iraq war death toll, more than half a million, for sure; the great majority of them non-US citizens. Now we're looking at Covid 19 deaths exceeding that total in the US alone by next spring. If the trump administation had done all the right things that number could have been much lower; perhaps by half. So, long before his disgraceful actions of January 6, 2020, trump's not-so-large hands are drenched with blood.

    • I really don’t see the damage Trump has done being erased in 10-12 years. He’s created half the population that doesn’t trust the mainstream media and they eat up lie after lie. Fox needs to go down with Trump and his Republican Party.

    • Suspended? It needs to be wiped clean, erased for ever and all of his followers are dropped. Forevereverever!! USA isn’t going to heal so long as the Trump virus sticks around.

    • Trump didn't create them, he exploited them. Fox News was there a lot longer, this schism can be traced back at least to Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich as far as politicians go.

      As a movement, you can look at the shift of the NRA in the late 70s, the John Birch Society, and William F. Buckley,

    • lol, you joined 5 hours ago just to post nonsense? That won't work here, and it won't work anywhere now. It took 12 years, and cost the Republican party its identity. But America has realized who you are, what you represent, and the danger it poses. And you can thank your own fellow extremists for that.

    • "He’s created half the population that doesn’t trust the mainstream media"

      Uhhh lol did anyone trust them before Trump? He just exposed them even more, but to be honest it's their own work, the MSM can thank their own agenda. I'm not an American, I don't live in the US and I can still see your corruption, in fact I can relate to it. I live in Sweden so Im not even close, do you think people trust the MSM here? I can tell you a large number of our population don't and have been for a very long time and the misbelief is growing in big numbers and it has nothing to do with Trump or our own politicians. The answer to the misbelief is the lack of transparency and objective reports. It's nothing unique to USA only.

      But Trump had a impact on Swedish MSM aswell. Their own agenda against Trump only confirmed peoples thoughs on MSM even more.

    • Regardless of where the virus originated, it was trump who ineptly failed in managing the effects of it and it was him who promoted conspiracies about it.