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    • 👆👆👆Physician. I have inside knowledge of his practice and he produces great results with his patients.

    • Good stuff, Scott. And I agree and do understand about temp vs. long term changes. Good thing I married "up" just like you did ;) See you one day in the future and you won't recognize me!

    • Just to say, 9 months later.... total of 44lbs gone, that's 20 kilos, yay! I feel better in every respect. Still no gluten, dairy, sugar or really anything processed or any fast food (did you notice the stock of McDs going down??)....

      Haven't taken any anti inflammatory drugs in 9 months either. In fact, no drugs!

      Now aside from doing triathlons like certain people we both know, I have to figure out how to drop another 10 kilos and I'll be pretty darned happy :D