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    • While traveling in Crimea, I was lucky enough to visit a unique spot called "Biker Club". It is a privately owned and self-supported museum. By day it is a place to see restored relics of Soviet era, but at night it transforms itself to a party town with hundreds of bikers riding in.

      It was during the off-season, in the last days of winter so the place was empty. We had a chance to talk to the guard and roam around freely. With so many interesting pieces of machinery ranging from motorcycles to tanks and even trains the place was filled with history.

      As I've entered through the gates the first thing that caught my eye was a pair of beautifully restored "Ural" motorcycles. Here is one of them:

    • On the other side of the road was an epic (in my mind) collection of Soviet era machinery. Old firetruck standing next to two generations of "Katyusha" (rocket-launcher) and "Zil" (army truck). It was fascinating to see them all in one place and right next to each other.

    • Further down the road was a set of old farming tractors used just about for any imaginable purpose where towing was needed.

    • Don't know where they've found and how they've put up on the roof this statue, but it added so much character to the scenery!

    • This tiny blue "Zaporozhets" was our dream car. We could have never afforded it back then even with my father's high military rank and salary.

    • What looked like a train, wasn't. Such a creative way to hide bathrooms in plain sight. Made of scrap parts neatly arranged into a realistic looking (from afar) locomotive. Each side had 8 stalls.

    • Russia / Eastern Europe / asia is on my bucket list for a retirement bike trip. These photos reinforce my decision.

    • Wow! Those are beautiful vintage Urals you've pictured there! Reminds me of @Chris's newer model. It's interesting how the design hasn't changed much over the years.