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    • Next to the tractors and seemingly out of place stood a World War 2 German armored car.

    • Don't know where they've found and how they've put up on the roof this statue, but it added so much character to the scenery!

    • This tiny blue "Zaporozhets" was our dream car. We could have never afforded it back then even with my father's high military rank and salary.

    • What looked like a train, wasn't. Such a creative way to hide bathrooms in plain sight. Made of scrap parts neatly arranged into a realistic looking (from afar) locomotive. Each side had 8 stalls.

    • At the very end of the museum was an eerie view of the abandoned factory.

    • Thanks for the tour! The WC Train was pretty clever.

    • Russia / Eastern Europe / asia is on my bucket list for a retirement bike trip. These photos reinforce my decision.

    • Kevin Harrington

      Wow! Those are beautiful vintage Urals you've pictured there! Reminds me of @Chris's newer model. It's interesting how the design hasn't changed much over the years.

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