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    • This was unexpected. I went to CalMoto β€” a motorcycle dealership β€” with @Vilen to drool over the Energica electric motorcycles they sell. But wait, what was this gorgeous 3-wheel Vanderhall they make you pass as you enter!?

      No way to pass without stopping to stare.

      Something like this happened to me the first time I saw a Morgan trike in the wild and I couldn't stop staring and drooling (πŸ“·: Motor Trend)

      The Morgan was different, tho. It has a motorcycle engine lashed to the front, wire wheels and small tires. Looks awesome to tool around in on a Sunday afternoon but the Vanderhall looked like it could go. πŸš€

      Fortunately, Mike at CalMoto recognized my imminent distress about not being in it and prescribed the cure:

    • I'm 6'4" and no problem. Oooo! Look at that wooden steering wheel! The craftsmanship:

      The story is some guy from Utah (Steve Hall) wanted to build a vintage-like car without the hassles of vintage cars, but to do it with 4 wheels in the modern era requires so many monies because regulations. But with 3, you get to classify it as a motorcycle (autocycle) and the regulations let you get by without airbags and most of the other stuff, so the price tag can be reasonable, the look amazing, and the weight light.

      You still have to have a yellow reflector in the front and red one in the back. Vanderhall put them in the center of the wheels:

      You don't need a motorcycle license or even a helmet to drive it. But you can go like a bat out of Hell: 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, great handling in part because of its front-wheel drive, and an awesome throaty sound without being obnoxious.

    • Vilen took the pretty photos and shot some video on his iPhone as we test drove it out by the Baylands for 20 minutes. I might have terrorized him a little bit with my desire to see if that 0-60 in 4.5 was real (felt like it).

      No offense to Vilen, but Jay had a more full-featured camera crew when he test drove the Vanderhall, so I'll link his video:

      But I'll give you some Vilen eye candy from his Sony A7:

      The chrome knob on the left is a bump shifter for the 6-speed auto transmission. You can put it in manual mode and bump shift the chrome knob to up or downshift, like a paddle shifter on some supercars. So fun.

      It has heat vents + heated seats. So, yeah, vintage car looks, modern performance and creature comforts. Told you you wanted one! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜›πŸ’₯

    • Yes!! I get to test-ride a sexy beast in the Energica Ego electric sportbike on Wednesday when I go back!

      In the meantime, Vilen and I got a special invitation for an hour with Harley techs the other day for their new electric, the LiveWire. We got to be hands-on and ask them everything! I grossly underestimated it. We're gonna try to do a panel with them in conjunction with ADVrider so peoples can ask them questions directly. @gorudy

      The MCN reviewer said of the Ego, you blast the straights like a nuclear-powered maniac. πŸš€

    • I reckon if it has a steering wheel it's not a Trike. It's a 3-wheels sports car. 'Cycles' have handlebars.

      That said, I do enjoy a blast on a Trike and a Can Am Spyder too. What the "It's not a motorcycle" bleaters fail to realise is that they are still a whole lot of fun.