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    • Vilen took the pretty photos and shot some video on his iPhone as we test drove it out by the Baylands for 20 minutes. I might have terrorized him a little bit with my desire to see if that 0-60 in 4.5 was real (felt like it).

      No offense to Vilen, but Jay had a more full-featured camera crew when he test drove the Vanderhall, so I'll link his video:

      But I'll give you some Vilen eye candy from his Sony A7:

      The chrome knob on the left is a bump shifter for the 6-speed auto transmission. You can put it in manual mode and bump shift the chrome knob to up or downshift, like a paddle shifter on some supercars. So fun.

      It has heat vents + heated seats. So, yeah, vintage car looks, modern performance and creature comforts. Told you you wanted one! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜›πŸ’₯

    • Yes!! I get to test-ride a sexy beast in the Energica Ego electric sportbike on Wednesday when I go back!

      In the meantime, Vilen and I got a special invitation for an hour with Harley techs the other day for their new electric, the LiveWire. We got to be hands-on and ask them everything! I grossly underestimated it. We're gonna try to do a panel with them in conjunction with ADVrider so peoples can ask them questions directly. @gorudy

      The MCN reviewer said of the Ego, you blast the straights like a nuclear-powered maniac. πŸš€

    • ... and now we also have our first model for advrider merchandise. Hat is looking good πŸ”₯

    • I reckon if it has a steering wheel it's not a Trike. It's a 3-wheels sports car. 'Cycles' have handlebars.

      That said, I do enjoy a blast on a Trike and a Can Am Spyder too. What the "It's not a motorcycle" bleaters fail to realise is that they are still a whole lot of fun.