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    • I reckon Cake is hitting the design brief of Super Normal admirably. It takes a normal social media platform and has changed one part of the paradigm to make it better for discussion rather than "Look at Me!" posts.

      The idea of posting enough text to actually hang a conversation off is new. Twitter is about likes and retweets. Facebook and its ilk are all about a quick comment and data harvesting. Google Plus and MeWe are about sharing ideas but not necessarily discussing them (unless you are virulently anti something 🙂).

      Cake aims at starting actual conversations, which I find I am liking more and more.

    • As someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to “replace the bucket” in various pursuits, I found intriguing the idea of instead focusing solely on solving the optimization problems. How often have we heard someone complain—about a platform, product or service—that, “If they just added [insert feature], this would be perfect/I’d use it more often/I wouldn’t feel the need to look for something better.”

      In the past month or so, I have gone from eking out a sub-optimal existence on the bird-site to actively exploring and getting engaged on better platforms such as Cake. And in some cases it is the “just noticeable difference” that has caused me to want to return. In Cake’s case, the option to easily mark up my text with bold, with italicize and centering of my quotes like this,

      Life is not about what is not. Life is about maximizing the quality of your life within the limits of what is.

      makes this feel more akin to a blogging community, but without the need to learn a bunch of html formatting codes (“<b>I hate html formatting codes</b>”)

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