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    • In the past month or so, I have gone from eking out a sub-optimal existence on the bird-site to actively exploring and getting engaged on better platforms such as Cake.

      Just getting around into other crevasses of Cake...and read this line.

      So, I've never been super active in social media, and only joined Cake after being another one of the users from @Chris motorcycle forum.

      There was only a single Community on G+ that I had any real interest in - another one with motorcycling.

      A single dimension? Perhaps. There has to be a starting point, and maybe that's the issue. There has to be a beginning. Maybe this is it.

    • First off, thank you for replying to my post from over a month ago. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys reading “back issues” or evergreen content. (If only there were more advanced search tools available to make it easier to go directly to a given month or date instead of having to hit the ➡️ at the bottom of each page. Hint, hint @yaypie @Vilen )

      Second, I wish I was into photography or motorcycles because there are some great conversationalists such as yourself in those topics. So I appreciate it greatly when people step out of their normal niche to join in other conversations of interest.