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    • Chances are quite good you've heard the Wilhelm Scream. It's been used in (as per Wikipedia) at least 389 movies and TV series. It was supposed to be the sound of "Man being eaten by alligator" and was originally recorded for the 1951 film "Distant Drums" but has found a perennial existence since then.

      Need a refresher on what it sounds like?

      It's been used in everything from Star Wars to Red Dead Redemption.

      And now it's become a beloved in-joke across the decades for entertainment buffs. In a recent piece on, the Wilhelm Scream's influence is discussed:

      It was sound designer Ben Burtt who made the Wilhelm scream famous, tucking it into 1977’s Star Warsthis link opens in a new tab when a stormtrooper falls off a ledge in the Death Star. Burtt went on to include the scream in six more Star Wars films and the Indiana Jones series, inspiring dozens of other sound designers to use it in their own projects.

      The Wilhelm Easter Egg search on YouTube brings up some fun results!

      What's your favorite Wilhelm Scream?

    • I had an Editor who would always add the Wilhelm Scream to his edits before screening with the Producers, just to see if they'd catch on. It was one of those jokes that would get old, no one would laugh, then ten minutes later you'd hear it again and couldn't help but chuckle.

    • That is so funny. My takeaway is that no one these days can scream properly and originally, they'd rather fake it!

    • One of my daughter’s favorite TV shows used the Willhelm Scream for a gag and I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I had to pause the show to explain it to my kid who I think was 6 years old at the time.