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    • What's you best photography day that you can remember? I have several, but had a new one this weekend which made me wonder what other stories might be out there.

      Background: I have been shooting with my Sony a6000 since it was released in 2014. I finally upgraded to the a6600 when it was released last year. I also snagged one of the new Peak Design tripods through kickstarter because I wanted something more compact. I have had both of them since December, but haven't had a chance to get out and shoot at all lately for various reasons, so I was dying to get out and shoot something.

      This weekend had a forecast for some light snow in the northern Atlanta metro area and even more snow in the Georgia mountains. For years I've been saying one of these day I'm going to head up to the mountains when a snow storm is approaching so I can witness it. For those of you in other parts of the country not in the south, don't laugh as I know you see snow often, but here in the south, it's a fairly rare event (typically once or twice a year and often just 1-2 inches).

      I was hoping there might be some clouds with color for sunrise since the clouds and snow was not scheduled to arrive until right at sunrise. Rather than getting up at 4am to drive 2 hours to where I was going to shoot, I drove up to Helen Georgia on Friday night. I met another photographer friend at Hogpen Gap and we had an amazing sunrise. We couldn't have timed it any better. The clouds rolled over us just as the sun was coming up and it started snowing. It was simply stunning. I shot a time-lapse as well:

      After this we headed to Anna Ruby Falls. We were not sure if they would have it closed due to the weather, but it was open (we had to wait 30 min for them to open the gate a 9am). It had just started snowing and was coming down good. My photographer friend had never been there before, so this was his first time there. The hike to the falls is only 1/2 mile and paved and we had the park mostly to ourselves with the exception of about 10 people that hiked up and left quickly. By the time we arrived at the falls there was a good 1-2 inches sticking on everything. It was so beautiful. We were very fortunate as I suspect very few people get the opportunity to see the falls while it is snowing (since they usually close the park for various issues).

      We spent a while there and then started heading back down. At about the 1/2 way point the park ranger had hiked up and told us we had to leave because they were about to close the road due to bad road conditions. We left there and went to Unicoi State Park (which you have to drive through to get to Anna Ruby Falls) and checked out the lake as it was snowing hard. By this time there was about 6 inches of snow covering everything.

      What a great day to get out and shoot after a 2 1/2 months of no shooting. This was definitely one of my favorite days for photography. What was your favorite photography day?

    • We once did an exercise on Dgrin called Make Every Shot Count. You had to go out shooting for a couple of hours, but you were only allowed to take ten shots. The hope was that people would think more carefully about what they were shooting and how and why, In a typical photo walk of a couple of hours I would generally shoot around 150 frames and throw out the vast majority. I managed to get four keepers that day. Here's one I still like:

    • I like that idea. That's similar to forcing yourself to use one fixed focal length so you have to focus more on what shots you want with what you have.

    • I was shooting in aperture priority so it would adjust the exposure as the lighting conditions changed. I was shooting at f8 and ISO 100. The first shot was 3.2 seconds and the final one was 1/30. I upgraded in 2014 from my Nikon D7000 to my a6000. The biggest thing that was hard to get used to was the battery life sucks on the a6000, so you just have to bring plenty of extra with you--which can sometimes be a problem for a time-lapse. In fact, this video is shorter than I wanted it to be. My a6000 has some issues with cold and the battery ran out and I was busy shooting with my a6600 50 feet away and talking with friends and didn't realize it had stopped. 🤦‍♂️

    • @Chris is using one of those rigs that moves the camera an option? If not, you should be able to do that with software in post.

      I use a very quick and simple tool called time-lapse product called Timelapse Tool It's not a full featured video editing product like Adobe or Mac tools. It does have a limited zoom feature, but it's somewhat limited in what you can do with the zoom feature. What's really nice about the software is that it's simple and you can create a nice time-lapse in about 60 seconds with it. You just point to a folder and it sucks the files in, you adjust how long you want the duration, the size, add some audio and boom you are done very quickly. At some point when I have lots of time I might look at full featured video editing tools, but for now I don't have time for that, so this is a fabulous alternative to create a decent time-lapse super fast. I'm guessing you are a Mac guy, so this probably isn't for you though since it's a Windows app.

    • So I went out to the Baylands this morning, my therapy. Big camera and lens. But I had an iPhone X in my pocket so I set it to timelapse to be a cheap version of you. I could get into this:

    • Wow, my best single day of photography in a lifetime of shooting over 60 years - now that's a real hard choice.

      Maybe the first image I ever captured and souped in D-76 myself, age 13, was my best, but it has long faded away in my memory. And I have no print or digital file of it.

      Maybe my first color slide I captured underwater in the mid 80's - been done many times since and much better by others too, I am sure.

      Maybe my first sunset in Africa - that was a splendid scene which I still remember, shortly after I left the workaday world 8 years ago.

      Or maybe my first sunrise in the Masai Maraa in Kenya, standing in the darkness, in the grass, and realizing the chuffing sussuration sound I was hearing was lions walking along in the darkness too, just down the hill from where I was standing, waiting for the sunrise, for breakfast. That WILL get your blood moving just a bit

      Or maybe it was photographing Parliament from the Eye at sunset in London

      Maybe the second time I shot the VLA at night to capture the Milky Way behind it in the depth of winter

      Maybe it was my second trip down the Rio Grande Gorge in a hot air ballon with my best friend, my spouse

      Or maybe it was years ago, when I photographed my best friend and the most beautiful women I have ever known, my partner for over forty years of life and a fellow photographer to boot

      I hesitate to even think that it might have been an evening shuttle launch over a decade ago

      Maybe it was watching a mama grizzly herd her cubs across a small stream

      Or watching a pack of wolves devour a bison carcass in the snow at Yellowstone

      Or just laying in the snow watching a bison herd approach quietly

      Or finding new ( to me at least ) petroglyphs along the San Jaun River cliff wall

      Photography has been an important part of my existence for as long as I can remember - I try to abide by Jay Maisel's advice - always have a camera with you, you can never tell when you will want/need one.

      But a single best day is impossible for me to choose,favor, I have had so many.

      More than I ever dreamed of having when I was younger.

      What a dream come true to life - and I'm not done just yet either....

    • Wow @Pathfinder, you definitely have some amazing stories and best days! Thanks for sharing! I was hoping to get a few people to share one example, your post is inspiring. Great stuff. I wasn't asking for a single one, I don't think I could pick a single one either.

      Some of my other best days were my first ever clear milky way capture. I still use it as my phone background to this day. It's one of my all time favorite images. Another was watching the full solar eclipse from the top of a mountain in Georgia. Another was spending last fall in Maine with my wife.

    • BTW, how do you post multiple images in a reply

      You can upload only one image per post.

      However, if your photos are in the cloud you can add multiple photos by pasting their links. Pathfinder’s photos are on SmugMug so you’ll see the photos.smugmug attribution on them.

    • Oh, I was having problems figuring out what was my best day in photography, but your full solar eclipse comment hit home. I filmed one with my family a couple years ago in Oregon and loved it.

      I love hearing all the great times people like you and Pathfinder are having with photography. If I had to pick one, it’s when I got mesmerized by the horseback riding of this girl. So mesmerized, I married her.