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    • My dad shared this video with me and I gotta say it's pretty interesting. At least for those that dig music. It's always been said that The Beatles didn't have much knowledge of music theory, but that's really not the case. While they didn't know all the names and terms for what they were doing, they had a pretty good feel and primitive/innate for music theory and how to craft a hit song.

    • I think in art, including music, there are times when 'knowing' less actually can help. Not having been taught that something has to be structured in a certain way or that X or Y is the way that something should be done gives much more freedom.

    • Exactly. That’s why it’s been really hard for some classical musicians to switch to jazz. They have a hard time creating and improvising.

      Michael Jackson always felt the most important thing is to feel the music and let the music come to you. I agree with that approach. That’s been my experience as well when writing music.