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    • Last week in another thread, @Factotum and I both mentioned that the “Flag Post” description should be changed to allow providing feedback besides spam or troll behavior.  And it got me thinking that it would be nice if I could suggest featuring a conversation that was over-the-top amazing. Especially if it’s a long-form conversation starter where someone obviously spent hours to put it together.  Or a conversation starter that expands the interests of the group—like who knew that users here were interested in the ins and outs of learning a foreign language?

      As the volume of new conversations increases, the likelihood of a FEATURED-worthy conversation going unnoticed will increase. For lack of a better term, I would characterize this solution approach as “group moderation.”  

    • I think it’s a great idea. ❤️ I’ve been meaning to circle back to this dialogue to take another pass. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow.

    • Ugh, tomorrow came and went but I haven’t forgotten. Some people are nominating conversations via choosing other and leaving a note.