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    • how the heck does that work...

      I get asked now and then how I choose the subjects I shoot. I’ve struggled to find a simple answer to that as it varies quite a bit even from picture to picture.

      The difference between looking and seeing is I think for me what decides a subject. Take the picture below for instance. Looking would be like “somebody left their trash on the bench”. Seeing would be “ the street light falls really nicely on the cup and the people walking away in the background adds another dimension that..” and click.

      Hope that makes some sort of sense :). #randomramblings

      So how do you choose your subjects?

    • Flowers are very willing and free subjects. 😀
      Mainly it's a case of what ever catches the eye , be it shape ,colour texture or a fleeting moment that just calls out to be caught.

    • Love your B&W, you make every subject shine!
      I have a few choices when I'm shooting. Often, something catches my eye and I have to go back and investigate. Jason R taught me a huge amount about telling a story and really thinking about the composition and what to include. I'm always trying to get better at this.

      Other times, it's the light that stops me.
      I am nowhere near as competent as you and the Jasons at really highlighting it but I'm enjoying the journey of discovery, especially where I now live.