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    • I'm kind of surprised to see this on the Slate website. I would have expected it from a "conservative" writer but not from a Slate contributor.

      It actually doesn’t surprise me, but I’m a political strategy junkie and this is more than two layers deep.

      Most of the “corporate news media” has been accused of ignoring the Bernie Sanders campaign. Take this story from today’s New York Times. Senator Sanders raised more money in total and had millions more financial contributors than any of the other candidates. But you’d never know that from the headline or the lead paragraphs.

      By contrast, Slate has published positive articles about Sanders campaign for much of the past six months. If there is news bias there than it makes sense to convince parents that university education is no longer financially possible for their children. (Unless they vote for Sanders and his free college and trade school for all plan.)

    • Because I no longer participate in the electing of candidates, I don't know the details of Sanders's college debt plan. Are you saying that no matter how extravagant a student is in their choices that he would fund everything? Would that include overseas studies?

    • Are you saying that no matter how extravagant a student is in their choices that he would fund everything? Would that include overseas studies?

      Not sure what you mean by extravagant, but my understanding is that existing student debt would be canceled and public universities and trade schools would be free; if you then wanted to attend Harvard, you’d be paying for it yourself.

      I went to his website in response to your question and found a page that lists bulleted highlights as well as a fairly comprehensive explanation of the plan details. Hope this helps to answer your questions.

      Again, I’m sharing this from a political strategy standpoint and not as an endorsement of Sanders or his plan.

    • My question was based on the article that I had posted. The parents had saved up sufficient money to send their daughter to a moderately priced university or college but her High School counselor and teacher had encouraged her to attend an art school.

      My late wife attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for three years. Such schools are not moderate in their pricing, although there are pricier schools.

    • My late wife attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for three years. Such schools are not moderate in their pricing, although there are pricier schools.

      I didn’t know that about your wife. Would I have seen her work somewhere?

      I spent a few years in Minneapolis when I was working in the high tech sector. Great people to work with but way too cold for my comfort level.

      Since the Minneapolis College of Art and Design is a private college, tuition would not be covered by the plan.

      However, one of the conservative talking points that’s been around since Reagan is the idea of vouchers so that you could use the same tax dollars towards the higher tuition of private schools. The idea appealed to those who sent their children to private Church-run schools (parochial schools).

      Assuming Sanders was president, he might gain Senator Mitt Romney’s support by allowing vouchers to Brigham Young University. There’s always a level of horse trading to politics and, IMHO, this could conceivably be a palatable concession for the Progressives in order to get it passed. But this is just me theorizing a year before the election.

    • I found myself nodding while reading the article. I’m convinced one of the greatest lessons we can learn is to think long-term rather than short-term when it comes to decisions. I would love to teach that to my kids.

    • I wish we could teach it to our electorate and politicians. What one party does today sets a precedent that the other party will do sometime in the next 20 years (probably sooner).

      We need to quit wanting results so fast that we destroy the process and structure which allows everyone to participate. The way some people talk (and I'm not referring to just one party) their goal is to completely disenfrancise those whose views differ from theirs.

      Hey GOP, if you want to silence the Democrats, you are opposed to freedom.

      Hey Dem, if you want to silence the GOP, you are anti-democratic.

      The American political process only works when we respect the rights of those who disagree with our own political preferences.

      The "Southern States" claimed to support "States Rights" but they were opposed to allowing the Northern states to prohibit slaves from being brought into the Northern states. That by the way, was what caused the Dred Scott court case. Dred Scott was a slave brought into a state which prohibited slavery. The "Southern States" were actually OPPOSED to States rights because they wanted to impose their will on the other states.

    • Amazing story on a homeless student trying to get into the top universities and the barriers to entry because she doesn’t come from privilege.

      So I'm helping a kid I know with some college applications and I have some thoughts. My friend has a GPA of over 4.0 and a star in track and cross-country. She grew up Black in a white rural town in CA--oh and she's homeless. She's living with a friend's family.

      So I convince her to apply to some top colleges and offer to help her jump thru all the dumb financial and non-financial hoops. It occurs to me, after 10 or so applications in, that if you wanted to design a system to keep out poor kids, this one is probably your best bet.

      We've already paid over $1000 (even with fee waivers). I have no idea how she was ever going to pay that money or who in her life was going to help her with the 100s of essays we've written!

      And the essay questions!!!! Columbia asks "what exhibits, lectures, theatre productions and concerts have you liked best in the last year?" I'm tempted to write "Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera--psych--my town doesn't even have a movie theatre!

      I ask her what kids do for entertainment and she says: "um.... drugs." Another school asks her what her favorite periodicals, newspapers, websites are. She doesn't have access to a computer except when she does homework on a school computer. She doesn't get the New Yorker.

      These are minor annoying questions. The major one is "tell us what you're most excited about coming to Stanford, etc." She's a first gen college student. She has no idea what Stanford is like. She has never traveled outside her town.

      It just seems like anyone who can answer these questions has got to be coached. I am trying to help, but I don't even know. I literally only applied to one college because my friend helped me with the application. I barely know what Stanford is like, but I really hope my friend gets in and I really would love to go back in time and help my 18 year old self fill out these applications and do SAT prep, etc. We have to have a better system.

      Source: Twitter

    • Another example of the effort to marginalize or disenfranchise those with whom one disagrees can be seen in Hillary Clinton's claim that "Nobody Likes" Bernie Sanders.

      Since there are obviously many people who do support him, what do we make of her comment?

      She means that those who like him or want to work with him don't count as being somebody in her mind.

      There is a comment attributed to Yogi Berra that nobody goes to a certain venue anymore because its too crowded. It's possible he was saying that in Jest but I doubt that Hillary meant to be jesting when she called those with whom she disagrees "nobody."

      Media pundits sometimes discuss why America has become so divided. Dehumanizing all of those who vote contrary to the way one would prefer may be one of the biggest reasons.

      Jesus in giving six examples of the way that He asserted that the scribes and Pharisees had distorted the Torah, asserted that mentally considering someone to be worthless or unworthy of being listened to was a violation of the commandment prohibiting murder. Matthew 5:21-22